Tears of Rain

The rain was falling hard, like millions of crystal chandeliers falling to the ground, incessantly. Damian was running on the rooftops, with Jayden beside him, chasing a shadow that had several feet of advantage compared to them. The moment Jayden and Helena had joined him, Ace had appeared, smiling condescendingly. Damian's hair stood and his first impulse was to get Ace and shred him to pieces. He told Helena to remain with the sobbing Arianna while he and Jayden captured Ace. He now thought it was a bad idea to leave Arianna, after all, he was her guardian. 

He heard the sinister laughter of the boy running ahead of him. In an instant, black smoke engulfed Ace and he disappeared into the thin, gray air. Damian skidded to a stop, cursing under his breath.

"Where did he go?" 

"He's a Dark Seer minion," said Damian. "I should've know it. We have to go back and take Arianna..."

Damian never finished his sentence because blue lighting struck the Earth from the sky. Damian could feel Arianna's pain, her magic was coursing through her body faster and much stronger than she could control. The Dark Seer could feel the magic too, and he knew that Arianna would be vulnerable in this state. Without another word, he turned around and ran as fast as he could back to Arianna, praying that he wasn't too late.


Helena had half-dragged Arianna into an alley. Both of them were panting, one of fear and the other of exhaustion. Helena helplessly watched Arianna as she clutched her head and sobbed silently for something she was seeing and Helena wasn't. The rain felt cold and unfriendly on Helena's skin. She sat next to Arianna, placing her head on her lap and stroking Arianna's wet forehead.  

"Everything will be okay, I will protect you. I promise." Helena whispered.

A looming shadow made her blood cold and her heart stopped beating. A feeling of trepidation filled Helena's senses and rendered her unmovable. Arianna was writhing more. Helena slowly turned toward the mouth of the alley and saw a dark figure approaching, with a dagger on it's death-craving hands. The blade of the dagger was shining and sharp, ready to execute its kill. 

Helena gasped and quickly scooped Arianna's trembling body into her arms. She ran as fast as she could into the alley. The stranger never ran, he just kept pacing calmly, knowing that this would be the end of the two. 

"Helena," Arianna said weakly, her eyelids fluttering. "I know this place, from my dreams. Somebody died here, a girl..."

"Hush," Helena said softly, "everything will be okay..." Helena felt a strong force on her back, and jolted forward with Arianna still on her arms. When both of them hit the ground, Arianna broke loose from Helena's arms and rolled on the ground until she hit the wall. Dead end. 

Helena was recovering from the fall, lifting her body on all fours. She looked at Arianna, her eyes wide open with fear. The shadow was over her. She heard the blade slicing through the air first, then Arianna's scream. 

Quickly, Helena turned on her back and kicked the figure's hand to the side, pinning it to the ground. With her free foot, she kicked his head until it arched back on his body at an awkward and disgusting angle. She pushed herself up with her hands and kicked the figure back. 

The figure's head was still bend backwards, the arm with the dagger was dangling limply at his side, clutching the deadly weapon. Bones cracked and the head was back in place. Ace was smiling back at them.

"Ace?" Arianna said in a horror-stricken voice. 

He ran at Helena, his limp arm whipping behind him like a flag against the wind. Helena stepped sideways too late for he took her by the neck with his good hand and flung her to the opposite wall. 

Arianna heard something cracked and she shut her eyes tightly, wishing all this was just a dream. Ace's laughter filled the alley and she could hear Helena's sigh escaping her body completely. Her head was burning with agony and bizarre aggravation. The blue, dead eyes came back to haunt her again from her dreams. And now, it was her turn.

"Help me," she heard herself whisper.


Damian's foot hit first. Then his hand gripped his hair and flung the figure backwards to where several tins of garbage were located. Ace scowled. Damian was standing in front of him before he could even stand up. His foot was on Ace's neck, cutting his circulation. His other foot was crushing and destroying the wrist which Ace held the dagger tightly. 

"Where is the Dark Seer?" demanded Damian. 

Ace grit his teeth, narrowing his eyes at Damian, doing everything he could not to shout out of pain. His hand was destroyed, his fingers uncurling from the hilt of the blade. Damian pressed down his foot on Ace's neck.

"He will kill her when you least expect it and the witches you've been trying so hard to protect will burn one by  one in hell." Ace cackled before Damian did the final blow and ended his life. Ace's body exploded into ashes.


Damian turned around. Jayden held Helena to his chest, and was bathed in Helena's blood, which was streaming out of her body in red rivulets. Her intense sapphire eyes had dimmed out, as well as her life. Arianna sobbed harder as she made her way to Helena.

"Helena," she said, "she was the girl from my nightmare." She suppressed a sob. "She died protecting me."

Damian bit his lower lip, regarding with lament Helena's broken, pale, and lifeless face. 

"This is unfortunate, but we must leave." Damian whispered. "Agatha is going to take care of her." He knelt down and scooped Arianna in his arms. 

"Let me go, let me go!" Arianna struggled against him, pounding at his chest. "We cannot leaver her here, we cannot!"

Jayden reluctantly let go of Helena and folder her arms on her chest. Both hunters remained silent for some minutes to give the spiritual burial of their friend. Only the soft sobs of Arianna were heard. 

They were gone in an instant. The gray clouds parted and the rain ceased. Several minutes later, Helena's body turned into silver powder and was blown by the wind. Back at home, Agatha mourned the death of her own people, whilst Darkness rejoiced. 

The End

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