It was in the peircing spasms that sliced through my head that made me feel disconnected from the world. Images started to flood into my mind, and I immediately recognized them to belong to the nightmare I'd had before. I wasn't aware of what I was doing, my whole self belonging to the scene that was cast in my mind.

Damian's voice brought me back for a split second, seeming to be the only thing keeping me in the world where I was now. "What do you see, what do you feel?" I blinked continuously, trying not to leave the moment again as the images grew stronger, like an overlooming threat as it came in and out of my mind sharply.

It was as if I could smell the blood that hadn't been there before, as if I could feel my own heart come to a stop.

"Make it stop!"

I squeezed my eyes shut, willing it out of my mind but nothing happened to relieve me of the pain that kept hitting me with an impact that left me breathless, feeling as vulnerable as the girl that lay in front of my eyes.

I shook my head, the tears now streaming freely down my cheeks. "Help me," I whispered, looking up at Damian in that one moment free of the mental torture. I shuddered, my mind completely blanking out once more. My last thought before I gave myself up to the vision: get me out.


Her scream reverberated through the air once more and I staggered back against the invisible wall that seemed to hold me. Why did I have to see this once more; feel as useless as I had last time and mourn for a loss I knew didn't exist?

It was the same setting, one belonging to darkness that showed no signs of hope or life as I stared at the body of the girl, feeling the familiar moisture near my eyes. But this time, I didn't run to her like I had before. Because this time I'd given up on helping her. She was dying. There was nothing I could do.  

It was then that I saw the killer retreat to his shadows, disappearing from view. I stood there, transfixed to the spot. What am I here for? She's dead, I thought bitterly. There's nothing more to see. But just as this thought came through my head, I heard a cough.

My gaze snapped up to meet the girl. She's still alive? The next cough was weak, and I could tell that it was her last breath. But I still didn't approach her as I should have. Instead, I watched in silence as the blood trickled down the side of her mouth, feeling my own heart pound unevenly against my chest.

As I looked upon her in her last moments of life, I realized something. There was no reason for me to be here in this place unless there was something I was supposed to do. Yet, I couldn't figure it out.

I started to panic, to look around my surroundings, hoping to see something or someone that would help me to save the girl. But I was met by disappointment and guilt. I should've saved her earlier.

The girl coughed the last time and her head rolled to her side, her deep blue eyes meeting mine. The light around her iris disappeared in the last breath that she released, and for the shortest moment, I thought I heard her whisper, "Save me."


I blinked, my vision clearing. The face of the girl blurred instead replaced with the sight of a puddle, reflecting my tear-stricken face. I groaned slightly, running my hands through my hair as I felt the blood in my head pound against my palm.

"What's happening to me?" I murmured.

"I don't know!" I got a quick reply and looked up towards the source, staring into familiar sapphire orbs. I was leaning against her for support and immediately straightened my pose when realizing this. "What are you doing here Helen? And where's Damian?"

"It's Helena. And Jayden and Damian ran after some guy who I think is trying to hurt you."

She was talking too quickly, her words coming out as if mashed together in one breath. Her eyes were panicked as she kept glancing around nervously, and then up at the sky.

"It's raining," she said silently.

"Why would anyone want to hurt me?" I asked, feeling slightly amused at the thought.

"Because you're the only witch on Earth."

"What?!" I stared at her, my eyes widening in shock. What exactly is this Helena telling me? She slapped her hand over her mouth and shook her head to herself.

"Why did I say that?" She scolded herself before freezing. Her grip on my hand which I hadn't noticed tightened. "What are you-"

"Come on, we have to get out of here."

And before I could object, Helena dragged me away. I had no idea where we were headed as we ran through the streets, the rain beating down on us like ice against our backs. I shivered, just wanting all of this to end. I had so many more questions in my mind, especially based on what Helena had said. But nothing made sense.

We came to a stop, gasping for breath in a dark alleyway that was shelter enough from the rain. I leaned against the wall, breathing deeply and looked around. Where were we? And why did this place...I've been here before.

The spasms began once more and I clutched my head, sliding down to the floor as I bit my inner cheek, trying to hold back the screams.

Though my mind was in another world, my senses were still alive. And the last thing I heard before phasing out were heavy footsteps. Ones that struck fear in me as I left my conciousness behind.

The End

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