Could my life get any stranger? Brows creased in frustration, I moved through the crowded hallway as a sea of students moved against me, trying to escape the confines of what they considered their little prison. They didn't know anything about prison.

I shook my head at the negative thoughts that flowed through my mind, trying to rid the sudden pessimism that started to take over. I might not like the way my life's going now but that's no good reason for me to explode inside over every little bump in the road.

Heaving a great sigh, I flicked through the combinations on my lock before swinging the small metal door open, the one that not only two hours ago Damian had slammed Ace against. What had brought that on anyway? I couldn't shake that off my thoughts for the two periods remaining of classes after the 'incident'. And the fact that Damian had a reason for not being honest with me only intrigued me further.

If I'm not around to keep you away from problems, they will.

If anything, feel free to tell us.

Is it just me or is the whole lot kind of creepy? It wasn't only Damian that scared me now, but also his two friends. The one who seemed the least bit normal out of them all was the red-haired boy. The girl, Helen I think, seemed to be at hinting something when she spoke to me as well. Where were they trying to lead me?

I gave up on getting any answers as I walked to the car park slowly, not feeling the usual excitement for going back home. I know what I would do: lock myself up in my room and ask not to be disturbed. It's my way of dealing with things but not everything can be avoided.

The silence was a calming factor, helping me forget the events of earlier on today as I worked on my homework in my room. I could hear only the lightest sounds from outside, footsteps against the faded carpets and the creak of the wood as someone moved up or down the stairs. It was a routine I'd grown used to since a certain time, one that my mother was happy with. It brought an end to the awkward silences that occurred at that time, where both of us felt too nervous to speak first. So when I started retreating to my room more often, only a lingering presence around the house, it helped her as well.

But I should have guessed it would change with our new arrivals.

The door opened loudly, the hinges lightly scraping and I winced at the sound, turning my head to look at who it was. There stood Damian, a smile on his face, the one I so desperately wanted to smack off every time I saw him.

"Not joining us for dinner?" He asked.

I shook my head sharply. "I already had mine."


"Alone." I glared at him, hoping he'd just bug off. "Now that you have your answer, will you leave me be?"

And for the first time, Damian agreed with a shrug. "Alright then. You have a good night's sleep."

"I'll be fine," I answered stiffly yet feeling rather surprised that he hadn't come up with an argument to continue pestering me. Shutting the door behind him, he left me in my solitude as I finished up the work I had left in those last few minutes.

The dark alleyways of the street were abandoned as the night sky stretched above like a never ending velvet spread. There were no stars, the pollution of the city covering up the shining beauties. Somehow, it seemed to symobolise something that lingered in the air. Despair.

It was first the whimpers that echoed lightly off the walls, barely heard by my ears. It was coming from the left, from a small nook in the street that fitted in with the shadows. If it weren't for the whispers, the pleadings that broke through the air, I wouldn't have acknowledged it.

Moving closer, I noticed a girl, sitting down on the ground looking disarrayed with a clear fear written across her face. Tears streamed down her cheeks, her voice shaky as she tried to move back, to escape from the figure that emerged from the shadows.

"Please. Don't hurt me."

I was a fair distance away, not able to make out who it was underneath the hood. It was the blood curling scream, the one belonging of sheer pain as it sliced through the air, shocking me. I ran towards the girl, worry and pain striking me as if the girl's emotions belonged to my own. My heart pounded against my chest as I came to an abrupt stop in front of her body, staring at her wide open emotionless eyes. The rise and fall of her chest came to a stop slowly, the light disappearing from her irises. In those few seconds, I stared at her, feeling completely helpless.

The girl was dead, and there was nothing I could do about it. Her face was unfamiliar to me but inside, I felt recognition spread as if I was supposed to know her, or remember her. My eyes flickered away from her lifeless face, moving to the hidden one of the killer. My breath came out in gasps, the trepidation inside my chest increasing as I backed up. But it’s as if the person didn’t acknowledge my existence and he moved back within the shadows, leaving me alone.

I bolted up on my bed, my heart beating furiously against my chest as I tried to calm down. The images were still imprinted in my head, only making me panic once more. The dream had been so real, so very real. What did it mean? Who was the girl? And the killer?

It was only a dream Arianna. Get a grip.

“Right, I need to chill.” I swung my legs over the bed, quietly slipping out of my blanket as I snuggled my feet into my slippers. I just needed some fresh air. A drink. Anything to relieve me of my thoughts. The clock displayed 1:00 A.M. No one would be up now which is perfect. I’d have no interruptions from my mother this time.Opening the door to my room, I was about to creep down the stairs when I heard voices.

“Her powers have begun to show?” I froze, taking a step back and turning around as quietly as possible to face Damian’s room. The voice sounded familiar, and the picture of Damian’s head from before popped in my head. What in the world is he doing inside the house now? Curious, I tip-toed towards the door, pressing my ear against it to hear the conversation.

“Yes. It seems like it’s brought out by her emotions. The last time, anger was the reason behind it. But that’s seemed to have been her first time displaying anything like that. She’s suspicious though, of us, especially me.”

“She’s going to learn the truth soon anyways.”

“What truth?” I mumbled out loud and then slapped my hands to my mouth when I got silence from the other side. I didn’t wait to hear the footsteps as I quickly retreated back into my room, shutting the door as softly as possible before locking it. I could hear one of them come out from the other side, they’d heard me. With my back against my own bedroom wall, I waited for one of them to knock or attempt to ‘break into’ my room. But it didn’t happen. Instead, all I got was the loud moaning of the wood as they left the hallway.

Sighing, I collapsed on my bed. First a nightmare, and then a (mean to be) secret conversation about me. There was something they were all hiding from me and I felt as if I were someone trapped in a conspiracy without knowing about it. Sighing once more, I turned over to my side on the bed, staring at the dully painted walls.

I wonder when any of this is going to start to make sense.

The End

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