His Excuse

I don't get it at all. Why is Damian following me all over the place? It infuriated me so much, especially when I tried to shake him off by telling it to his face but he just refused to listen, letting whatever I said pass by his ears unacknowledged.

I opened my locker in the few seconds that Damian stopped bugging me, shoving the rest of my textbooks with great force; the ones that I wouldn't need for the classes I had left remaining. This had so far been the worst day of school ever. Apart from those other ones where I'd gotten picked on by my classmates and destined enemies. But I was so used to that by now that I no longer felt as bad as I had then. Afterall, I have a 'guardian' now don't I?

I snorted at the thought, closing my locker and glancing past Damian to see someone familiar wave at me with a smile on his face. I waved back casually with a smile on my face, returning back to focus on securely locking my little compartment.

And for that one short minute, I'd eased up a little on the inside. The tension and blocks of frustration that had built up on me seemed to have fallen down from the height it had risen to, giving me a little space to just breathe. But I'd jinxed the chances of anything staying remotely peaceful with that thought. Because at that second, all hell broke loose.

It was the loud slam accompanied by the rattle of the metal compartments that snapped me out of my thoughts. I turned around, my eyes widening when I saw Damian hold him against the locker, his grip tight on the boy's shirt.

"What are you doing?" I half-shouted, already hearing the chants of 'Fight! Fight! Fight!' going through my head. If any of the other students came walking here, they'd surely start it. I'd seen these kind of scenes one too many times and they always ended up with a guy in the nurse's office. "Let him go Damian!"

But my silent pleading whispers fell past him just like my others had. I watched, horrified as he drew back one free hand, forming a fist. This looked too familiar for me to see it performed on anyone, let alone one of my closest friends. I quickly came in the way, somehow squirming in between the tight space between those two.

"Stop this. Now." I glared at him, my eyes narrowing when he didn't respond. Finally his eyes met mine and I couldn't read the expression in them as he listened to what I'd said for the first time today. Dropping his hands back to his side, he stepped back, giving up on whatever he'd planned to do. I relaxed slightly myself, but didn't move as I stood rooted to the spot, afraid he might take advantage of the opportunity if I gave him the chance.

"Let's go," he whispered, taking a tight hold of my wrist and dragging me away as he blindly led me through the school halls. I looked over my shoulder once to see if he was there, but he'd disappeared just as I'd expected. Sighing, I tugged my hand away and stopped walking, crossing my arms in front of my chest. Damian stopped too, turning around to face me.

"Why did you do that to Ace?" I demanded, my voice tense.

"How do you know him?" He questioned me back and I could feel my hands start to shake by my sides, anger starting to take over.

"Stop this Damian! I should be the one asking the questions, not you! Now why did you try to hurt him?!"

He was quiet for a while but his eyes never left mine. I couldn't see past anything, he held on a perfectly poker face. But his voice sounded different from his usual smug and mocking tone. That was the one sign for me.

"I guess, I'm just a protective big brother." He ran his hands through his dark hair, a small smile forming on his lips. He was lying, that much was obvious to me. But I sighed, pushing away the voice inside my head that wanted to get more out of him.

"Alright then," I muttered, starting to take my pace next to him as we walked down the hall. "But that doesn't mean you get to pummel whoever you want."


The End

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