There's something about my Stepbrother

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A witch mysteriously becomes stranded in Earth when she's born. The witches and wizards from the High Council of Magic believe it's the gods doing and decide to leave her there, watching and hoping she would develop into a powerful witch. But when nothing happens, they abandon her. Years later, that decision would be fatal to them.

The moon rose high in the sky, illuminating the dark shadows of the night. The thin line of haze dissipated in the nightly horizon, edging toward the ends of the world, and the moon stood alone, dominating the expanses of the black veil upon the world. The serene, yet eerie night offered solace to the battered soul, and to the wearied. Weary was the adjective to describe the state of the members from the High Council of Magic. They had been gathered in their sanctum since dusk, and time had elapsed past midnight now.

In their sanctum, everything was dark. There were ten figures in total; all shrouded with cloaks the color of twilight, and all of them having bountiful amount of silver hair in their heads. There was a central figure standing before the members of the council. Her silver hair flowed down her back, her skin was wrinkled and ashy, her pine-colored eyes were solemn and dead like two pieces of unwanted emerald in the road.

“What have we decided then?” Her hoarse voice pierced the silence in the cave. “Have the council made a decision as to what to do with the stray witch?”

Silence answered her, until one wizard spoke.

“Agatha, are you sure the Dark Seer is back?” His voice was drained, doubtful. Maybe it was because he was old and his energy wouldn’t carry him past midnight anymore, or maybe it was the premonition Agatha had received from the gods that worried him.

“The dream intensified each night,” Agatha responded curtly, sensing hesitation in the wizard’s voice. Everybody gathered here seemed reluctant to believe in her words and her premonition. “The gods are trying to send a message to us, the skies are screaming to get our attention.”

“But we abandoned that child for many years because of your previous premonitions, or have you forgotten?” another witch challenged. “You predicted that a child of our blood would be separated from us, living and growing up in a world so unlike ours and more fragile. It happened. We wanted to get her back but you insisted she must stay because the gods wanted it that way. You promised us she would become strong that way, but in seeing no results or display of magic during her childhood, you decided it was best to let her grow ignorant of her powers. Now you’re telling us that she is the key for the Dark Seer to come back, and yet you don’t want us to bring her here where she’ll be safer?”

Agatha sighed. “It’s complicated,” she ended up saying. “I don’t understand the gods meaning, but one thing is clear. We have to protect that child and bring her here when it’s time. I don’t know what connection she has to the Seer or how he plans to make use of her, but we have to protect her.”

“Then I guess the council has reached a decision. We shall protect her until full moon comes,” the wizard on the far left spoke. The others nodded in agreement. “Have you made arrangements?”

“Yes.” Agatha sounded grateful. “I contacted Aldern and asked him to send his best students to Earth. They’re being told of their responsibilities once in Earth as we speak.”

“You’re sending children?” a witch asked in disbelief. “Certainly we can do better than to send skilled warriors and hunters, perhaps someone with magic abilities. One of us can do the job.”

“The young witch is a teenager; you think she would trust someone like us?” Agatha asked.

“We can charm ourselves to appear younger.”

“No, I trust Aldern’s students fully. Besides, they won’t be alone, if something happens, they’ll contact us. They only have to ensure she’s okay for the rest of the month, that’s two weeks away from full moon.”

“I hope you know what you’re doing Agatha. Trusting the gods has become a liability to us as of late.”

“We have to,” Agatha replied, uncertain of her own confidence.

On the fringes of the desert, amidst sand dunes, therein lies the thin line between two worlds so different to each other and so close. Behind a mound, if you look closely, there’s a silvery line drawn on the sand, casting dancing shadows. Four figures stand, tall and dark against the light of silver.

“Professor Aldern, is the Dark Seer really rebirthing?” the voice with the black long hair spoke. She was tall, slender, and lithe. She sapphire eyes shone bright with the burning stars above her.

“I wouldn’t say rebirthing, Helena,” Aldern responded academically. “Agatha had a premonition, hence she asked me to send three of my best students to Earth to protect one of her witches.”

 “Does she know?” Helena asked, “That she’s a witch?”

“I am afraid not,” Aldern said. “Agatha and I went to Earth the day before and arranged your lives during the period of time you’re staying there. We went over those already. The Council and I trust you fully, Helena, Jayden, and Damian. Don’t let us down. She doesn’t know she’s a witch and Agatha is set in keeping it that way, unless of course her powers start to show. But anyway, you’re only allowed to bring her back on time, no exceptions. Understood?”

Helena nodded. To her right, Jayden nodded too, his auburn hair was a darker shade of red under the night sky. To Helena’s left, Damian’s lonesome figure nodded, never once lifting his head or opening his eyes. His dark tussled hair covered his face, making him look like a dark angel with ever darker looks.

“Damian, you’re a worthy warrior, but please, keep your temper and your mouth under control.” Aldern said. “You will be her stepbrother, someone she’s supposed to trust.”

“I know,” Damian spoke for the first time. He was honored that he could have a chance to prove his strength as a warrior, but he didn’t envisioned babysitting an obnoxious witch, as all were. “We won’t let you down.”

“Good luck.” Were Aldern’s final words before they crossed the line and disappeared into thin nothingness. 

The End

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