There's Nothing Quite Like Finally Figuring Out Who You AreMature

Also written as an acoustic metal song

I am the keeper of the dead 

Burned out, nothing alive in my head 

I walk with the anguished souls 

Broken apart! To be thrown inside these holes 

My hands tremble as an image of you envelops my vision 

I strive to love you, your my only mission 

To die you don't have my permission 

I'm standing at the foot of your bed 

Dreaming awake, covered completlely in red 

i wont just disappear!

i fought my way through all of this fear 

i know i deserve to be here! 

These words trying to struggle from my throat 

Inevitably choke me out with my own coat 

Dont you sit there with that sadistic grin 

Are you breathing it in? 

Every little bit of sin? 

Now why the fuck do our touches become so cold 

As the time carodes away, us and the lands grow slowly old

Cracked lips utter inaudible cries 

Don't be so pitiful, with help you can hold up skies 

With one last crushing breath, the weight is too much, not a suprise 

The light exudes my eyes 

As every bit of sanity in me dies

The End

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