There's Not A Second To Waste!

Avery Jackson has it all. She has a loving family, has money, has the friends, has the STATUS. And behind all rich girl's doors are hidden skeletons. Secrets and Lies fill their world. And Avery knows that all too well. But did she forget that in a world of secrets and lies sooner or later they're gonna catch up to you??


Present Time:

To wake up in a black world was not a piece of cake. Even with my facade of knowing everything and never being frightened I didn't see this one coming. Actually I didn't see a lot if it coming that's why I was in this mess. And man, was it a mess!

I am currently in a little predicament. If I were to wake up I'd find myself lying on a cold and lumpy bed. Dressed in a barely there, butt showing hospital gown and a billion wires and tubes leading out of me and into a cold machine. That machine was trying to keep me alive.

If I were to wake up now I'd find the people I loved wept dry and staring at my lifeless body with hollowless eyes.

Fortunately for me I wasn't in that state of mind to wake up. Instead I was here and I am not exactly sure what 'here' was but I was pretty damn sure that I shouldn't be so relaxed about it.

I closed my eyes but it still felt the same as them being opened.

So how did I get here?

That was a pretty good question. And I could blame it all on one thing and it would be great to just pack it all up into a little box and stash it away far, far, far away. But I was the type of person who didn't do that and actually wanted to get my mind around it all. So I'm not going to blame it on one thing but a few something's.

It all started a few weeks ago.

The End

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