There's no point in being you

Just somethin..needs a bit'a work

Squeaks and the swishing of bed spreads woke me up. I rubbed the sleeping dust out of my eyes and slowly opened my eyes to see something every man should wake up too. A pink haired girl, in her underwear, lying on her stomach reading one of my playboys. Wait, my playboys? “Dammit Candy, give me that!” I snatched the batman spread from her orange and purple painted nails and threw it under my pillow. “Geezus! Calm down, Gurts.” She bobbed her neck like a duck when saying my last name. I covered her mouth and she giggled, licking my palm. My eyes grew wide and I felt the need to reenact last night all over again. “Quiet, my mums’ home.” She nodded in agreement before taking my palm off her mouth and giving me one of those “Candy Specialties” kisses. I groaned happily and threw my blanket over her to cover a certain Japanese cat bra and undies. “How much were those things?” I asked. She raised a pencil thin eyebrow at me. “Why, you thinking of buying them?” I blushed and stuttered my reason. “Or maybe you want to take them and sell them on eBay saying their Lindsay Lohan’s?” I put a finger over her bubblegum colored lips. “Now that is using your imagination.” “Like you weren’t last night?” I gawked at her quick comment. Ow. Ego. Dying. Slowly. Help! “Just joking Hun. You were a jewel.” She poked my nose before scavenging for her clothes. As I saw the big words “MEOW” printed on her bum, I wondered. “Why did we do this?” I asked out loud. She stopped, frozen by my odd question. “Because we were in heat and we both needed this,” She said without turning around. It was true, but it made me realize, this was my first. And my first one night stand. “…” The silence must have irked her because she glomped me and dragged her lips all over my neck and cheek. I couldn’t help it. I burst out laughing and returned her kisses. If she was my one night stands, I’d deal with it.

The End

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