We're Wanted Dead Or AliveMature

"Party time!" Rob shouted.

Well, I guess that was expected from an successful first mission. Everyone deserved it, and everyone enjoys a party.

Apart from me. I just sit in the corner, eating all the desserts, like one big fat kid.

As the music got louder and the clock ticked ever closer to 2400 hours, I left the tent, as Roy, Rob and a freshly-healed Duncan enjoyed some time drinking and randomly shouting at each other. I went for a walk around the base to enjoy the crisp evening air, rather than the hot and humid stuff in the tent. The trees were still and the world was quiet. I rather enjoyed it. Then I spotted a familiar figure.

Julie. She was sitting on a fallen log, staring into the sky. She was completely silent. I walked up to her and tapped her on the back. She turned round and smiled.

"So, what're you doing here, Julie? Star-watching?"

"Yep. Just to get some fresh air too. It was quite sweaty in the tent. You?"

I took a seat on the log, so that I could relax a bit.

"Same as you. Too humid in the tent. Plus I don't like partys."

I had to stop before I started saying parties were like having enforced periods of happiness in your life. That would be a bit boring.

She still looked a bit down, so I tried to get that fixed.

"Julie, what's the problem? You seemed as if you don't like your work here earlier."

There was a lenghty pause as Julie thought of how to respond.

"... It's hard to explain. I just think that being on the battlefield killing people isn't my job. It's healing people. And you upstaged me earlier."

I had. It made me feel sick.

"Look, I'm really sorry about that. I just got overexcited and thought I could jump in with no consequences."

She looked even more down than I'd seen her before. This wasn't good. Then she made a statement that worsened the situation;

"I want to leave."

I had to think quick, otherwise we were going to lose a member of the group.

"OK. You can leave the battlegroup, but on one condition: you will be the radio operator back at base for the squad. I think you would suit working there."

Another lenghty pause as she weighed up this proposition.

"... OK. Thanks for the job, Alex."

"No problem. When you get back to the tent, we'll have a drinking contest. Remember; if you want to rejoin the battlegroup, you're welcome anytime. I'm sure I could worm you through."

I gave her a kiss and walked back to the tent to make a sad statement. As I entered, I pulled out the power of the CD player the squad had been using, much to their anger.

"Hey, what the hell are you doing?" They said.

"Right, shut up. I have an announcement to make. Julie will be leaving the battlegroup by her own decision. I am going to bring in Rob McCormack as her stand-in."

I shook Rob's hand. "Welcome to the squad, Lieutenant."

This surprised Rob as much as it surprised everyone else.

"But I'm only a Sergeant, Alex."

"Not anymore."

A smile creapt onto his face.

"OK, let's get that CD player plugged back in and Julie back inside. And keep the door open. It's too sweaty. I've got my own CD too."

"What is it?" Duncan asked.

"Bon Jovi."


We got Julie back inside. And we promptly had that drinking contest. Let me say, I've never had to drink so much in one night. Not only is she pretty, she can hold a drink just as well as the rest of us.

Bon Jovi CD in, into the chorus of Wanted Dead Or Alive, Rob grabbed his camera and filmed me, Roy, Duncan and Julie singing the immortal lines;

"I'm a cowboy, on a steel horse I ride,
I'm wanted, dead or alive."

The End

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