...Into The FireMature

No sooner had we entered the building than we realised the size of the task. One tango had his back to us, and we could see a gathering of tangos down the main corridor of the building. The guy nearest us was mine. I pulled out my knife and stabbed him in the head, covering his mouth so he couldn't cry out. He slumped to the floor. I pulled out my knife from his head and it was covered in blood. It was disgusting, but left me with a feeling that I'd done good. However, my squad were mixed in feeling. Roy and Duncan had enjoyed it, but you could see Julie hadn't at all. Killing wasn't her favoured task, to say the least. But it was about to become second nature because of the group of tangos in the corridor.

"Julie, you have the grenade launcher, load it up and fire one in to rid those tangos." I whispered. Whispering was the only choice we had for comms at the moment. If we shouted now, we would have more holes in us than a multi-pack of Swiss cheese. She loaded a round in and looked down the scope to find range. This HE round would signal the beginning of our assualt. Then, we could release all we had. She fired and it hit right in the middle of the group. Excellent. Less to deal with.

"Squad, fire now!" I shouted. And by God, did they ever. Duncan tore straight through the bulk of them with the machine gun, leaving us to pick off any stragglers. We advanced through the corridor. The corridor smelled like death. And victory.

"Squad, I think we've dealt with the majority of them. I still hear shots being fired. Must be Sgt. Rob McCormack and the tangos who were engaging him earlier. Let's get him." This was it. We could get him, finish off the tangos and ensure we could sleep easy tonight. I checked my watch. 1700 hours. We had a hour left 'till we had to leave, with or without Sgt. Rob McCormack.

We turned to go up the Science corridor and started taking fire. The place was littered with tables which had been pulled out and turned on their sides. Easy cover. We could see Sgt. Rob McCormack nearby. He shouted us down;

"I ain't moving an inch before I get ammo! I'm completely out!"

We thundered up and took cover behind the tables, when disaster struck. Duncan made a break for a piece of cover closer to McCormack when he took a bullet to the arm. He fell flat. We had to get him back up again. I threw McCormack two cartridges of 5.56mm and made a bold decision.

"Rob, listen in! Julie, Roy, go and recover Duncan! Me and Rob will cover you!" This was damn dangerous, but we had to do it. Roy and Julie ran out of cover amidst a hail of suppresion fire from me and McCormack. They ducked and dived to Duncan and dragged him to cover. While Julie tended to the bullet wound on Duncan's arm, I decided my sniper needed a role change.

"Roy, ever fired a machine gun before?" I asked, "Because now is time to use one! Grab Duncan's and lay down fire! I'm going to get McCormack!" He picked up the gun, loaded a new box and placed the bipod on the table edge.

"I've never fired one of these before, but I guess now is a good time to try." He pulled the trigger and unleashed a hail of bullets that hosed down half of the tangos. Sniper's accuracy + Heavy Gunner's weapon = A unstoppable killing machine who never misses. I landed next to McCormack just as Roy cut them down. We both agreed that it was awesome.

"I've got McCormack! Get Duncan up and go! We're getting out of here!" Julie and Roy pulled Duncan up, gave him back his gun, and we ran through the Music corridor, down the staff corridor and out the main doors. We kept on running until we got to the Saxon. We caught our breath and then I made an announcement;

"Righto, squad and Sgt. McCormack, get in the Saxon, we're going back to base. Job well done."

No arguments about that. I radioed in Nuclear to send them in to check the perimeter. Everyone got in the Saxon. I put McCormack in the passenger seat; I wanted to learn more about what happened.

The End

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