Sniper To The ForeMature

We arrived at the gates of the school and instantly, we know our intel was solid. I pulled out my binoculars and saw a tango with a RPG launcher on the roof. If he saw us, we would be toast. Time to bring my sniper to the fore.

"Squad, get out of the Saxon and take cover by that wall!" We ran over to the wall and, as Duncan and Julie took position, I deployed my sniper. "Roy, get your sniper out. We have a target. 350 metres, two o'clock." He picked his sniper out, fitted the silencer and then came a problem. He couldn't comprehend 'two o'clock', as he had fallen asleep in code class when it came to direction designation.

"Eh? What are you on about?"

I decided to avoid teaching him this vital sniper role and instead pointed my finger in the vague direction of the tango. This time, he picked him up immediately. He only took a second to stabalise, and he pulled the trigger. I could see the tango drop to the deck.

"Where did you get him?" I asked.

"Headshot." A smile came across his face. He was pleased. His first shot fired in combat... was a headshot.

"Impressive, Roy." I turned to face Duncan and Julie. "Right, squad, follow me and stay frosty. We don't know if there is any more tangos in the car park."

We advanced up, and to our joy, there was no more tangos outside. I know we were meant to be a heavy assault group, but I wanted to save the noise for once we were inside, where we could whip up a real shitstorm. "OK squad, let's get inside." Then came the deal-sealer. "Silencers off. Let's show them hell."

Then a sudden announcement flashed into my headset. "Hammer One Alpha, we have an AC130 Spectre stationed, callsign Nuclear, fully loaded. It's all yours."

This wonderful statement meant we could pick off any stragglers after we were finished. I addressed them with an order; "Nuclear, this is Hammer. We have one request; direct fire away from the school, repeat, direct fire away from school. We want this place in one piece." They got it loud and clear.

This caused me to break into spontaneous dance, such was my glee. I sung of my glee too; "We got an AC130/ Oh yeah/ Take that!" My shonky bodypopping lightened the mood after the silence on the Saxon in transit. Everyone laughed. Then another announcement broke dawn. What now?

"Hammer One Alpha, we also have a recon team pinned in the building, callsign Shadow Three Delta. Word has it they are down to their last man. Find him and bring him out. His radio frequency is on the first channel available. Out."

We decided to contact Shadow Three Delta. We tuned in the radio and gathered around. "Shadow Three Delta, this is Hammer One Alpha. Lima Charlie, you me?" The reply was discouraging. He was shouting.

"Hammer One Alpha, Shadow Three Delta, Lima Charlie also! Taking heavy fire! Request urgent assistance! REPEAT, REQUEST URGENT ASSISTANCE!"

"Shadow, Hammer. What's your name, soldier? I think I've heard you before."

"Hammer, Shadow! Sgt. Rob McCormack, sir! You?"

"Shadow, Hammer. Capt. Alex Laird. We're coming. Hold tight. Out."

We turned the radio off. We heard very heavy gunfire. And it didn't sound like it was coming from him. We ran into the building.

"Well squad, looks like the life of a comrade is at stake. Let's move."

The End

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