.50 Cal. Lorry FTWMature

We headed out of the tent in which we resided, and saw a shape that reminded me of a lorry, under a camo veil. A look of bemusement shot onto my face.

"The hell is this thing? Is that a gun on top?" I thought. "Looks quite cool, though. Think I'll pull that veil off."

The veil slipped off, and reveiled the most awesome thing I had ever seen.

"NO WAY! We have a Saxon APC? SWEET! Time to tear them a new one!" I shouted, pleased the Army had supplied something worthy of the task.

"Right, everyone in!" I shouted, and they scrambled inside, arguing who would be the driver. "By the way, I'm the driver!" I shouted. No sooner had I said this before the din downgraded to minor chatter.

I climbed into my seat, and tried to get used to the inside. Duncan had bagged the front seat, leaving Roy and Julie in the back of the Saxon. I reached for the ignition switch with my hand. This failed.

"I can't reach the damn switch. Maybe my leg might fare better."I said. I turned to face the lovebirds. "COVER YOUR EARS, IT'S GONNA GET LOUD!" I swung back round again and started attempt number two.

My leg was far better, and the deafening engine roared into life. It was very, very loud.

"Ow," Duncan exclaimed, "That's loud as hell. Wonder how they are?"

"My thoughts exactly. Let's check." I turned to face the lovebirds again.

"Damn lovebirds, how you feelin'?" I shouted in a semi-American accent.

Roy raised his head to see me and Duncan grinning our faces off. He said three words to perfectly explain his situation;


I laughed, and engaged first gear to set off. Me and Duncan exchanged a high-five and said together a thing we both agreed on;

"Fifty Cal. Lorry for the win!"

The End

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