Out Of The Frying Pan...Mature

First day of deployment and already, I feel sick. This morning, we went to check on the neighbouring squads, and all we encountered were the poor men and women, lying dead, riddled with bullet holes. As soon as we'd entered, Julie had already screamed quite loudly and made her way back to the base to recover from shock, and the rest of us were either covering our eyes or praying. We knew these people, and this injustice would not stand. We had to smoke these SOBs out ASAP, before they struck again and gave us more problems. War has its bad points but this... this was too much.

Luckily, we have a mole planted in the enemy's core, and he told us that they had holed up in the school. Training was over and everyone had left; this made the school a enemy minefield. Inevitably, we were to be sent in to clear it out. No backup. Just us... and them. This was it. The chance to prove our fighting chops. We just need time to get over the shock of the morning's finds.

At 1600 hours, it was time. Just needed a weapons check...

"Has everyone got their guns loaded?"

Roy: "Yes, nine cartridges spare, total; 50 rounds. Thermal scope on, ready to pop heads."

Duncan: "I think so. Four cartridges spare, total; 500 rounds. Also, thermal scope on. Never knew this thing was so bloody heavy."

They were ready. Roy had his L115A3 Long Range rifle, Duncan had his L110A1 machine gun, and me and Julie had the L85A2 rifles, and we all had our L106A1 pistols, just in case. A tasty selection of weaponry, but still one thing needed to be decided;

"Wait a minute Alex, what about the rifle issue, you know; about who gets the grenade-firing L85?"

"Julie, you want the one with the grenade launcher?"

"I'll have it. Thanks."

"Watch out, Julie's got the grenade launcher, keep your head down!"

A hearty laugh passed and with that sorted, we headed out, out of the frying pan... into the fire.

The End

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