There's No "I" In "Team"Mature

This was an idea I've had before I joined, and what it does is follow a group of teenagers in the course of the future war.

Boot camp. Lovely, if you enjoy being insulted by know-it-all senior members of the school army.

My name is Alex Laird, a regular school pupil dragged into a global war. Every large building is a base for a battalion. Every corner presents a new fear of having a 5.56mm NATO round fired into your skull. Most new recruits had almost soiled themself at the prospect. Including yours truly.

The school was a logistical stronghold; it held the entire town's munitions. If we lost it, Cumnock would be history.Therefore, even teenagers had to know how to fight.

"Every person must fight," they said, "to ensure our survival." It started at schools. Most people would find after-school P.E lessons hard; after-school firing lessons were horrid. If you failed to hit your target, you get beaten to a pulp; if you hit the target, your  rewards were a Mars bar and a pat on the back. It sucked. But it was important.

I got myself stuck in, and I turned out to be a good shot. I graduated boot camp, and was on my way. Sadly, the same couldn't be said for others. One kid missed so badly during firing lessons that the bullet ricocheted all the way back to him and into his chest. Poor kid.

I was put into a brand-new squad, formed to be a heavy assualt group. If you heard lots of bullets being fired, chances were it was us. My squad of four consisted of:

  1. Me, Capt. Alex Laird (Leader)
  2. Cpl. Roy Shankland (Sniper)
  3. LCpl. Duncan Bunting (Heavy Gunner)
  4. Pte. Julie McCreath (Medic)

Roy is a really rather tall male, of average build and possessing of a mane of thick dark hair, and was originally training to be a vet. Duncan is also a tall male, of average build and possessing a medium-length amount of brown hair, and was training to be a director for Machinima. Julie is the only girl in the group, of medium build and possessing of a medum-length amount of dark hair, like Roy. Julie and Roy happen to be going out with each other, but it seems war has put that on hold. Together, we are Hammer One Alpha.

It looks like I'll have to keep them under control.

The End

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