There's more than meets the eye...

. A clash of business tycoons brings hope to poor and underprivileged kids who are compelled to work owing to poverty. They are overjoyed when they picture themselves going to school and wearing good clothes...but life isn't that simple or straightforward.....

"Hey, gimme that marble, it's mine"  yelled Chandu. Tiblu grinned and ran and hid behind a row of tents meant for the workers at the nearby construction site. Chandu went after him behind the tents. But instead of finding his best friend, he came face to face with Mangal, the contractor who supervised the construction work. Mangal caught him by the collar and slapped him hard. "You rascal", said the burly contractor, " you ran off with my cigarettes last night, didn't you?" As he said this his grip tightened on Chandu's shabby shirt collar. Chandu trembled as he spoke. "Nno..o. no , I didn't Chacha". Actually he had stolen a couple of cigarettes from a pack for himself and Tiblu but obviously, he wouldn't admit it before Mangal. He knew that Mangal would torment other child labourers under him as well, hoping to evoke a confession, but after slapping some boys, he would return to his job, satisfied with his dubious accomplishment. It was his way of venting his anger which he accumulated after being scolded by his superiors.

He slapped Chandu again, this time more forcefully. Chandu screamed out of agony & thought for a second about confessing. Just then, Tiblu came out of a makeshift toilet nearby & said "Chacha, look what I found". He held up something shiny his hand for Mangal to see. Mangal, for a moment, forgot his victim & walked quickly towards Tiblu, leaving Chandu behind.

It was a gold coloured watch, probably stolen by Tiblu from some roadside watch shop. It had stopped ticking but could be repaired. Mangal looked greedily at it & snatched it away from Tiblu. "It's real gold Chacha" said Tiblu. Mangal shifted his gaze from the watch to Tiblu's sweaty black face and frowned. "What do you think I am? A fool?" he said in a loud voice making Tiblu think whether he had gone too far in his praise for the stolen article.

Meanwhile, Chandu seized this opportunity to flee from the spot and hide somewhere around the far end of the construction site premises.

"But anyway, it's nice" said Mangal.Tiblu was obviously relieved to hear this. Taking the watch with him, Mangal hummed as he strode back to work when he realised that Chandu had vanished. "Hey" he yelled & turned back only to see that Tiblu too, had dissappeared. He swore out loud. 

The End

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