Girl - One

You look from side, but see nobody so you cross the street. Timithy meets you at the curb. He gives you a kiss, then leads you into the diner.

The diner is said to be the best restaurant in the city, that's why Tim chose it for your birthday.

You order pork chops, potatoes, and milk. After you are done eating, Tim announces that it's your birthday. The waiter brings you a big milkshake with sprinkles.

You think Tim is acting very funny, so you ask him if anythings wrong. He says no, but you know he's lieing. You pull him off to the hall between the bathrooms, and ask him again. This time he doesn't answer, he just sits there waiting for you to say more.

This gets you frustrated so you ask again, but instead of answering he asks you what's wrong.

You said nothing.

He said he didn't believed you.

You told him it was your birthday and he shouldn't be asking so many questions. Then you kiss him.

In return he pulls out his money and sayds to keep it and buy anything you want.

You leave him to go shopping, he grinned as he walked away.



The End

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