There's a Place for us

Why? I spend so long crying. 

I am fed up of the life I am living. Being nice to everyone and they just throw it back in my face so I end up crying and crushed. I never expected it from you, my sister. I've tried so hard and you just make me feel worthless. Fake smiles through the anguish. 

My hope just gets crushed all the time, and the worst thing...I come back for more. I just can't do this anymore. Little things hurt me more, every unkind word you speak sinks in and I am less perfect, more terrible. I don't stand by you, you say. I don't talk to you, you complain. I don't eat, therefore I am the one with the problem. I do eat, liar. Stop forcing your problems on me. One day, when you need me, I won't be here. I have lived through hell and back with you, but you left me i hell. I tried to help but you shut me out. Now you say you're better you want me to talk? I don't want to. 

I feel its my fault. I should've looked after you better, now I'm on the rubbish heap. Where promises aren't kept and happiness is in snatches that you burn. 

I need to get away, for a bit. Maybe forever. Just no, no more hurting me, my friends and my sister. I try to be nice to all of you, so why do you throw it in my face? I'm sick of being the one hurt. 

Help me.

The End

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