still kicking..

                                                                                                  march 3

hey. did you sleep well? Not me, but im used to that. I am a bit dissapointed in your reaction yesterdy and im not sure where to go from here.I was under the impression that you were into me. I am sad that i could lose a potentialfriend because i am not hot enough or whatever. There is more to frindship than that. If you are comfortable with each other and can laugh together thats half the battle.If you are just looking for some cute young thing to ............. then you are never going to find love. just some friendly advice. As for me, well i just want someone i can hang out with . And play music with. sh*ti just want to have a friend. I am not looking for the love of my life. I just think if it happens it happens. sometimes it takes time. sometimes you are laughing with your best guy friend and then a glance and everything changes. I decided when i first met you and we laughed and i went home thinking you reminded me of my best friend sheldon who i am not allowed to be friends with because he has a wife. you and i had that same connection. we have a million things in common. there is just that little thing. it is important though isnt it? you and i havent had the opportunity to explore that. mostly cause you are falling asleep at 9 oclock.I like hanging out with you. I want to help you in your garden and i want you to come hang out in my brook. When i meet someone i decide to be friends with i am their friend for life. You can always count on me to be there for you if you need something. I am just not sure how to approach this. I dont get the big turn around. i know i am not ugly. I have the body of a 20 year old. I will be very upset if we end our friendship.i need to have my guy friends around. I like having a friend that is close by. I dont know what else to say to you. i am dissapointed in you. I thought you were cooler than that. like we said lets take one day at a time. lets not stop hanging out. i have no friends around here,(woe is me) I need some. I like the fact that you have lots of friends. i am a vey social person and it kills me to be alone all the time.I am happiest when i with a bunch of people. like when i am performing.Its such a rush. I am in my element. I need people around me who can share that with me.I was hoping we could do some music together. anyway if you dont see who i am then i have to admit i was wrong. And i have to try to figure out why you were sent to me. I as told about you months ago in a vision. but why? Cant figure it out. I just think you are not sure what you want or you have an idea in your head that will be impossible to fill. whatever you can count on me to be around. we should go out together. i mean in public. like a club. maybe the different atmosphere will charge things up. We have only hung out at your house after you worked all day. we didnt give ourselves a chance to stir things up. Dont worry about the chemistry thing. it is something you can change anyway. For me. i just feel so comfortable around you, it feels like you and i have known each other forever. I dont feel like i have to be "on" with you.I can be myself. That is a rare thing for me to meet someone and feel so comfortable so fast. Our souls know each other. I am glad we met again in this life. Like i said, every day is a new adventure for me. I really want you to come along for the ride. If it doesnt work on the romance front, and i am not sure about that one either, i hope i have made a new good friend. .Lets take things one day at a time. I dont know about the chemistry thing either, but i dont want to brush you off that fast. I will be back around 3. Are you still making me dinner? i think we should talk. really talk. anna

yeah. dinner on me tonight. max

The End

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