the letters(from anna)

e.dear whoever....                                                                        feb         20                

 I am sitting at home waiting for a guy to come back fom vacation like a

teenager . I am waiting  for my bff to talk to him,and see if he wants to be my boyfriend.

awell ok not really. I do feel stupid though, i dont even know this man. Never met him. Spoke to him a couple of times and I really like what i saw so far.


Or actually what i heard. or  whatever. I dont even know what he sounds like. Only what he types like. WIERDwierdwierd.






I know i said i wopuld never go on online dating sited. I was seroius

Now i am addicted. I am on everyday. Talking to all sorts of people. It is so much fun. I have actually made some friends. I have met 2 men. both duds. I am beginning to understand  that not everyone on these sites portrays themselves honestly. Photos from the archives. Really. I am also talking to some people with no inteention of meeting. we just exchange ideas back and forthVery stimulating. makes the old brain work. 

Today i ammeeting Max for a quick lunch.My hairs a mess. I have nothingto wear. I think im coming down with a cold, but I dont care.


The End

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