The Panelon

Sine dropped me off at the edge of the road, about a metraway from the driveway. I stepped out of his Bentley and walked towards the driveway. Sine drove off and I walked up to the door of the building. I knocked on it and a man wearing purple robes opened the door. "Ah, Mrs Salo. Mr Falte told me you were coming. It is good to see you,"

"And you Master Sholde," Master Sholde wandered back into the building, and I followed. We stopped at the door to a waiting room. A light flashed above it and then five symbols appeared. A pad slid out the wall next to me and Master Sholde, and he gestured towards it. Four of the symbols were shown on the pad. I recognised the symbols immediately. Three marked death and the other marked life. The five symbols had obviously been a distraction to confuse people, but I was a master at Negermancing. The symbol magic. I tapped the third symbol and the door slid open. "Well done Mrs Salo. You really are a Negermanter," I walked into the waiting, and the door closed behind me. The room was a mediterranean blue and no one except for me was in there. There was a window at the far end of the room and a seat underneath it. But apart from that, the room was bare. I walked forwards and sat on the chair, hoping to hear a noise to break the silence.

                                           *                                     *                                       *


The End

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