First Of Five

As I made my way through the Otinum, I noticed many bodies, live and dead, that were bad results from tests. As I reached a right turn, the door to Professor Montine Bane's lab opened. Montine stepped out and looked at me in shock. I spoke, hoping to remove the expression on his face. “Montine! How's my old friend?”

You died... in the attack... of Blackbridge Bars...”

No... I survived. The Freedom Whilers surrounded me, but I got out. Montine, it's me, your created warrior, Sine Falte,”

No, no, no. I created the warrior Sineter Faltern. Sine Falte is a lost legend,”

Well then. I must be Sineter Faltern,”

Oh no. You are Sine Falte .Or at least, you're not Sineter Faltern. Sineter Faltern died in the attack of Blackbridge Bars. Sine Falte was never there,”

Then how come I remember being swarmed by Freedom Whilers. How come I have the memory of victory. How come...”

Because that was how I created Sineter Faltern. When he dies his memories get 'flown' to you. I made you who you are. I made you want good for the people and not bad. I made you into Sineter Faltern,”

But you said I'm Sine Falte,”

Yes. You are Sine Falte, but you have the memory of Sineter Faltern. You live his life and your life as one. You are one of the lost legends!”

How do you know. You have no proof. Where's your proof!”

My last test. I mixed a fraction of Sineter Faltern blood with a bit of legend blood. I poured it out, and over the table, it wrote five names. Sine Falte...” The door blew inwards and the same figure I had seen this morning stood there. “Well, well. I didn't expect to see you here Sine. Two meetings in one day. Oh well, the more, the merrier. Right then. Sine, I am going to take you. We unite and find the last two as I know of Flaire Sinbon's position. And then we all rule mankind,”

Okay. What if I say no?”

Then I make you come. And then torture some innocent people right in front of your eyes. How does that sound?”

Not too good. And so I'm going to say no to both of them,”

Well then, looks like it's time to for me to force you to come,” The guy sprinted towards me and I ran out to the left. Montine started to run for the hole where the door had been. The other guy pointed a finger at the gap, and a solid wall appeared. “Now then,” The guy spoke first, in a sort of tired voice, “There is no way out . I understand you do not know magic Sine, and so you will not be much use yet. So, do you come along, or do I torture your friend Montine here, and then kill him?”

Well. Let me think. Destroy human kind. Kill one Professor. I'll go with you,”

Great. By the way, my name's Baquone Nater,”

Well, nice to meet you,” Baquone turned around, and I slid a syringe up my sleeve. Baquone held out an arm, and I walked over to it. Just as I reached him, I slid the syringe from my sleeve and stabbed it in his arm. I pushed the liquid out, but it looked like it had no effect. Baquone spun around, anger in his face. “I'll kill you!” He started to stumble until his legs could not carry his weight any longer. He fell to the ground, and then pointed a finger at the part of the wall where the hole had been. It changed back into the hole, before Baquone disappeared into the air. Montine stood up, shock covered his face. He was very pale, and only now did I realise, his hair came down to his shoulders, and he wore a white lab coat, that was closed over, so I could not see what he was wearing underneath. He looked back at me, and then smiled. “I knew you were going to pick up that syringe. I put it there before you arrived,”

Professor, you've always had tricks up your sleeve that even surprise me sometimes,”

Well. You know me. Now you better get training, as you don't want to fight him like that again.”

The End

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