Mr Godwok

The sun was bright in the sky as I opened my eyes. The curtains of the room hadn't been pulled closed, and an armchair sat lonely facing a window. I looked at my hands and saw that there were still black marks from the ash this morning. So it hadn't been a dream. Peshe walked through an arch that led from what looked like a kitchen. I looked towards her from over the back of the couch I was laying on. She had a big book under her arm, and I read the spine. The book was called 'And It's All A Myth' and it was written by Schane Godwok. “What is the book about?” These were the first words that came from my mouth. Why couldn't I have said something like good morning? “Oh, good morning to you too,”

Sorry. Good morning, what's the book about?”

Well, the book explains how Schane Godwok thinks that the 'Five Lost Legends' are just myths, and a story to scare young children. I think we need to give Schane a visit, don't you?”

I think you're right my dear Peshe, I think you're right,”

* * *

As the engine went silent, I looked out of my window. A fairly new-looking bungalow lay about five steps from the road, and on the driveway, by the side of the bungalow, an Audi TT was parked. I stepped out my car and went to my boot. As I reached it, it swung open. Three pistols, they were all Makarov's, were embedded in the right, two machine guns, both MP5K's, in the middle, and a sniper, Barrett 50cal, in the left. My hands passed over the machine guns and I picked up two Makarov's. Peshe arrived by my side and picked up a Makarov and an MP5K. We moved towards the house in silence as I put one of my Makarov's in my right pocket. Peshe followed close behind me, and then we cane to a stop. The door handle was a round ball, and I reached my hand out for it. I turned it and open the door with a creak. Peshe walked in first and turned on the torch on the bottom of her MP5K. She walked off to the left while I wandered towards the right. I put my hand on the wall, searching for a light switch. And then I felt a door frame. I walked straight through into the next room, when a light flickered on over head. In front of me stood a short man, he had short, stubby hair, and he wore a purple and blue chequered shirt, and dark blue jeans. He turned and walked away, towards an armchair that stood lonely in the middle of the room. A television sat in front of the end wall. I followed the man as he sat down on the chair. “Are you Mr Godwok?”

Please, call me Schane, and yes I am. Are you Peshe Salo?” Peshe walked in at that exact moment. “No he isn't. I am. This is my associate, Sine Falte,” I looked at Peshe in disbelief. “I'm the associate!” Peshe just glared back at me, before walking towards me and Schane. She looked back at Schane and then carried on talking, “Mr Godwok,”
“Please, call me Schane,”

Okay . Schane, what makes you think that the five lost legends are myths?”

Well. I mainly think they're myths due to the sort of powers that they're supposed to possess. They're meant to be even more powerful than the Five Legends,”

What sort of powers do you know they're meant to possess?”
“They're meant to be able to change solid objects into anything. And also, they're meant to be able to see people as distortions at times. Normal people are extremely blurry, mage's less blurry, and the other lost legends clearer. Also they become more powerful when near each other,”

Well, thank you Schane. This has been very useful. We may be back for more information soon,”

Yes. You just have to call when you're coming,”

I will. Don't worry,” Peshe and I walked out the room and found the front door. We wandered back to my car and opened the boot, returning our guns back to the imprints. We returned to the front before we spoke again, “How come I'm the associate,” were the first words that came from my mouth. “Can we talk about serious matters?” was Peshe's reply. “Okay. How do we defeat the lost legends, because remember, they become more powerful when they are close to each other,”

Yes, so we need to find out who they are, and where they are. How do we do that?”

I'll drop you off at the Panelon. I think it's time I visit an old friend,”

The End

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