A night of many firsts...

I remember the first time I drank illegally.

It was also the first time I smoked up. I didn't see any fifty foot catepillars. I did get the munchies but then again I am always hungery. But this time my friend Mandy was hungery too.

Mandy's red hair hung low in her face. Her eyes were rimmed in red,vacant. Shortly she looked like hell. She turned to me and said " Dude, I need grease" She laughed " ah ha ha I called you dude"

" Man, I know what you mean. I need a cheeseburger. But were in total suburb territory" I said

" There"s a seven eleven down the street. Hotdogs are like skinny burgers" Mandy said

" I'm not leaving my booze alone. Joe's friend Ben is a total mouch thief douchebag"

" Totally" Mandy agreed " He asked to use my eyedrops. "

It was probably not a good idea to drink and wander but we did. It was after midnight so we didn't encounter anyone. But this was a  big family neighbourhood. Soccer moms saw everything. Big brother was watching us. But we didn't think about that.

All we thought about was that seven eleven and how ungodly long this street was...

There was no seven eleven down the street. There was a duplex and then a road leading to more subdivison. I slumped on a rock. Mandy slumped on the other side.

Mandy whined " What now? Dude, I need grease"

I sneered " Stop your whinning. You are the one who saw the mirage seven eleven"

" Further down...maybe" Mandy pondered

I climbed on the rock as if I could see as far as the eye could see. I couldn't. I saw a road with three sets of street lights. I took a swig of my cherry cooler. Then I downed it. I looked around for a garbage. Then I remember where I was. So I just threw it into the distance... That's when I saw the police car. The police car I just threw a glass bottle against...

Long story short. This was a night of many firsts. My first drink. My first toke and my first night in jail. Actually it was just the drunk tank. They let the whole bottle against car thing go.

" Do you think I could use my phone call to call for pizza?" Mandy asked

I squinted at her. Trying to see if she was joking or not. I decied to pretend she was joking.

" Dude, I wish" I laughed

" They are going to pass around Macdonald's in like five seconds" A girl''s voice said

Mandy shouted " Thank you Jesus"

Jesus declined to respond. But all was well. We had our cheeseburgers.

The End

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