There's a first time for everything

Sine Falte finds out he is the only chance of saving the world from domination of magic.

First Sight

My pistol hung in my left hand by my side. I took careful steps around the corner which led to an alleyway. All the street lights around me faded as I faded as I gradually stepped further into the alley. The moon was my only light source, and I finally found a door to my left. I looked up, and there were no apparent windows. The door had no lock, in fact it had nothing. It looked like a large plank of wood that had been painted green, and screwed into a gap in a wall. I lifted my leg and flung it at the door. It fell inwards with a bang, and dust flew out into the alley. I struggled to see inside, and so I waited for a couple of seconds to let my eyes adjust.

The building looked deserted. The ground was bare, the wallpaper was ripped showing white paint from recent owners. As I wondered further through the building, I saw a torch, sitting on a table, next to some stairs. The torch was off and not projecting, and so I left it there. After all it could alert anyone I was here.

I made my way up the stairs, and they led to a small room. At first sight it was empty, but as I turned, I saw a figure leaning against the back wall. They had no weapon insight, and his clothes consisted of jeans, and a t-shirt that looked too small for him. His hands were stuffed in his pockets, and not a single muscle moved, or even twitched, in his body. I moved the gun up slowly towards my face, before looking down the sight and aiming on the dark figure. I took five slow steps before pulling the trigger and taking my first shot on my target. The bullet penetrated his top, but seemed to have no effect of his body, he didn't even stumble from the impact. He took his hands out of his pocket as I re-angled my gun to take another shot. He curled his fingers into a fist, then opened his hand. A window replaced the wall behind him. I took another shot, more towards his head, but he moved out the way so the bullet simply smashed the glass. He curled his fingers again, and when he opened his hand a spark ignited in his palm. The spark lit up the man's face as he closed his eyes and relaxed his shoulders. The spark flew from the guys hand and grew larger and larger as it travelled through the air. The flame hit my gun and it burned to ashes. My hand was covered in the black ash as the figure moved towards the window. I watched as he jumped out, but instead of falling, he floated up, and out of sight.

As I stepped trough the hole where the door used to hang, I saw the sun rising, bringing the dawn with it. A bike parked up outside the alley, and a women stepped off, removing her helmet at the same moment. Her long brown hair blew in the wind, that I hadn't even noticed till now. The low sun glistened her gold eyes, and I walked towards her. Her mouth was the first to open, “You can't help but get into trouble, can you Sine?”

It's what I do, you should know that Peshe,” Everything started to pour out of my mouth, “So have you any idea who I was trying to kill, because he doesn't have the same powers as any other sorcerer I've fought?”

How do you mean?”

That window up there...” I pointed up to where the smashed window was, and Peshe looked up, “That was solid wall when I arrived,” Peshe just looked back at me before turning and saying, “The guy is one of the 'Five Lost Legends'”

Who are they?”

The 'Five Lost Legends' is made up of three female and two male sorcerers. It is said that when they come close to each other, there power is enough to rule the whole of humankind. Let's just say, you made enemies with one of the most powerful sorcerers in the world,”

Why are they lost legends?”

One, they were brought up in the normal world. Two, they are descendants of the five legends,” Once Peshe had stopped talking, I realised we were on her bike driving down the road from the alley.

The End

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