There You Were



Vs1. Just when I thought that I was done, there you were.
Just when I thought the pain had won, there you were.
Something tells me this isn't going to be the fisrt time I say...
I'm a fool for you in every way.

Vs2. Just when I knew my soul had been found, you gave me more.
Just whe I thought I couldn't get any higher, there you were.
Something tells me this earth moving feeling won't end soon... Im such a fool for you.

Cs. It's only getting better, hearts light as a feather, the pain of missing you makes me need you each day.

And when we are together, the wold dissapears, 'cause baby you got all of me and...
I'm just a fool for you.

Vs3. Just when I felt my heart slow its quick pace, there you were
Nothing beats seeing the love written on your face.

Here we are.

The End

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