There was once this boy and this girl who met in a town by the beach

This girl was named Nichol. And she was staying at a
friend’s beach house. She and her friends were walking through the beach town
center to get a movie to watch. It was dark outside, so when a car came by all
you could see were the headlights.

One particular car could be made out among the rest, and
under a lamp post it was identified as a red truck. This red truck did a double
take, returning to pass Nichol and her friends to “holler” at them. They
shouted something, like hi girls and the usual nonsense boys yell at girls as
they pass by.

 Nichol and her
friends ignored them best they could, but they noticed that as they walked on,
the red truck had parked and the boys inside were coming towards them.

 The boys walked
faster than the group of friends and passed in front of them, but because it
was so dark outside none of them could make out what the boys looked like.

 Nichol distinctly
heard them whisper about how that there were four of them which proved them to
be the contents of that red truck. The toggle of boys crossed the road and
Nichol and her friends went on to get a movie.

It was at this time that one of their friends, Jess, decided
to go out and smoke, a thing that was looked down on by her peers, but as she
had said earlier she just needed some nicotine.

So obviously Jess didn’t tell her friends that she was going
to go smoke, and just left. But they all knew she had gone to smoke none the

Nichol, Addy, and Becka then thought that it would be best
for them to go find Jess. Since there were a rowdy group of boys and the many
scattered drunks that go around the beach at night.

they looked and looked. In the middle of their search for
jess they ran into the boys.

The boys from the red truck were Hot. Which none of them
expected. They said hi. And walked pass them faces pink from blushing.

Nichole wanted to go back and converse with them. But they
needed to find Jess. So she just wished to run into them again.

They found jess by the pier. And started to walk back to the
rest of their friends, who possibly had already found a movie. On their way
back they waked past the group of boys. Amazingly they had run into them again.
 They ignored each other until one of the
boys called out to them.

Nichol and Addy stopped. Jess kept walking. The two girls
turned around to see the boys walking towards them.

They asked each other about their reasons to be out so late
. Nichol just smiled as Addy answered.

Jess came back to stand by Addy.

They introduced themselves.

Well more like one of them asked for Nichol’s name, before
giving his, and shaking her hand. This was weird. Who shakes hands

His name was Sean. He was cute. He had a black cap over his
bark brown hair, which his green eyes peeked out of. They were all wearing
white shirts and he was no exception. He smiled at Nichol before turning to her

Next to him was Brien, he was cute also. He had blond hair
and blue eyes and a white shirt. As soon as Sean let go of Nichol’s hand, Brien
took it and introduced himself over a hand shake. This was also weird.

It was Sean next to Brien, and Brien next to Nichol, and Nichol
next Addy, to and Addy next to Jess and jess next to Becka in a circle. The
rest of Sean and Brien’s friends stood behind them in a clutter.

Sean asked if anyone smoked. Jess said she did. Nichol

He asked if anyone drank. Jess said she didn’t. Addy and
Becka said they didn’t. Nichol smiled, looked over to Brien who was staring at
her smiling and looked back to Sean.

He started to talk about a party. He apparently wanted beer
and asked them if they had any. They said no even though their friend’s
grandmother always kept alcohol in the house.

Sean smiled at Nichol and she smiled back. Nichole wasn’t
really listening to the conversation and participated in a minimal amount of
it, the worry of sounding stupid was too much.

Then it was over. They walked away.

The rest of their group had already gotten the movie and had
gone home. So they laid in a small empty parking lot to contemplate what had
just happened.

Jess said that Sean looked like he was challenged, but
Nichol didn’t think so. She thought that he was hot. But did agree that his
eyes were a bit wide set.

She thought that it would be what an Eskimo would look like,
if a Eskimo was tall, thin and white, with a strait nose, and who was named

Nichol wanted to go back, to go to a party to have some fun.
But mostly she wanted to go back and talk to Sean who had captured her heart in
the time it took to beet.

She went back with Jess. They were no longer at the
pier.  They went back to the beach house

Once there, Nichole and jess convinced their friends to go
for a “walk on the beach” in hopes of seeing them again.

They got all dressed up. And 
went back out.

The End

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