There Might Be Pastrami

"Angel? Angel?" Maddy yelled frantically. All she could think of was how much she wanted to be with her friend, in her time of need.

Maddy wished and wished, (she tapped her heels together three times) and she materialized in the classroom, next to her erstwhile friend Angel.

Angel screamed again when she saw Maddy, and nearly collapsed from oxygen deprivation. Maddy shook her semi-violently to snap her out of her revierie.

Finally Angel stopped, and hugged Maddy. "Maddy! You're back in the school! I thought I'd never see you here again!" Maddy glanced at the calendar behind them. It read 'Monday, 19 September 2010', the date of their reunion. It had been months since she disappeared, and now she was back, but for a limited time only...

The End

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