There Might Be Disappearances

Christopher was very startled to find Angel standing in his laboratory, frowning.

“Angel sweetie, what are you doing here, hmm?”

For some reason, seeing his face made Angel feel even more annoyed than she already did. Fury built up inside her.

“Looking for you,” Angel’s voice was split with venom, “Tell me, Christopher, why on Earth you let those fiends of Upper Sixth move all the mirrors into your laboratory! They’ve cause so much trouble; now I’ve lost my good friend, Miss Maddy Council! You might have heard of her some time in your petty life from Ms Liz.”

Ouch, maybe that was a little harsh… Angel panicked to herself, but luckily, Christopher didn’t seem to be taking it with an offence.

“Angel… It’s not like I knew what they were going to do.”

“You, yes you, told me yourself that you knew that they were going to meddle with time.”

Now, Chris was starting to get angry too. He didn’t like being spoken to like this.

“Well, with the clocks gone, that was pretty obvious, wasn’t it? Get over it, Angel.”

“I told you to be careful but you never listen! It’s like you listen to Liz more than you ever listen to me!” Angel yelled.

“With good reason,” Christopher yelled back, “Liz trusts these people, and so do I!”

“That doesn’t even make any sense!” By now, Angel had tears in her eyes. How could this man think that she couldn’t trust? In fact, she was as kind as he was.

Fed up of arguing, Angel turned away and walked to the mirror that she had last seen Maddy in. Perhaps there was another chance to help her lost friend.

“Maddy…?” Angel called into the reflective void, her voice echoing and leaving a trail of ‘Maddy…?’s in the silence.

Finally, after a speedy reply from an out-of-breath Maddy, Angel started to formulate a plan.

There was only one downside… she would need the unruly mad scientist’s help.

“Okay, Maddy,” Angel called into the blank mirror. She really hoped that her friend was there listening carefully, “Here is what you nee-”

But just then Angel had taken the silly decision to glance back at Christopher. And at that certain moment the man took the opportunity to disappear into thin air.

The girl screamed. Not just because of the shock of it, but because, despite their constant disagreements, Angel actually quite liked Christopher. He knew how to cheer her up when one of her black fits would be coming on, and his odd fashion sense (not just due to the fact he was colour-blind) matched hers. It was kind of like having a far older brother, or like a male version of herself in ten years time.

She marched to the empty square of linoleum.

“Chris! Don’t you effing do this to me now! I need your help, you stupid man!”

Lost in the moment, Angel stood in the spot where the man scientist had been, grr-ing and grinding her teeth.

The End

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