There Might Be Pie

Maddy shivered in the coldness of the netherworld. There was nothing around her but a thick fog, which allowed no sight beyond a few metres. She knew what had happened. The Sixth Formers had upset the balance of Feng Shui in the lab, allowing for the tiny demons from beyond the Fourth Wall to break forth and exact their chaotic revenge upon humanity.

Maddy walked forever, and found a sign, ten feet high, which read: "Warning, increased risk of cyborg koala attacks from this point". She shrugged and continued. She heard shouting between Angel and a man, who she assumed was Christopher.

She smelt something delicious, with a soft, flaky crust, blueberry centre... a pie!

A suspicious pie.

Maddy was sensible, and knew that the pie was a trap. She ran away, and soon found herself lost again. "Maddy?" Angel whispered, panicked. "Are you still there?"

"Yes, Angel. Are you getting me out now?"

"Yes, now, here's what you ne-" Angel's voice cut off suddenly, and then Maddy heard a scream.

The End

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