There Might Be Logic

Angel shivered at the scream. She couldn’t think what to do because of all the scary thoughts running through her head. It was all too weird for her liking... But then again, the lives of the two friends were as weird as pie.

It had felt good to be free of ‘bindings’;  the powerful psychological enchantment had broken as soon as Angel sensed (with her awesomely-tuned mind) that Maddy was in danger.

But, what about those Sixth Formers, eh? Angel had always known that they were up to something dodgy: an evil plan... to build a monster... to take over the world.

Of course, it wasn’t Mrs Liz’s fault. She could never have forseen that these evil older students were going to use their influence and horribly persuasive powers for the bad of the rest of the world (or even, the universe)!

On the other hand, what were the mirrors doing in a lab of a friend of Angel’s? He was closer to the Sixth Formers and would have known about some of their plans from the start. How could he have let them create such trouble as this?! No, Angel would have serious words with Christopher the next time she saw him.

Which luckily turned out to be that very moment.

The End

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