There Might Be Fire

"Angel, help us!" Maddy peered through the frail glass of the smallest mirror in the room. It hung from the ceiling and rotated slowly with the supernatural breeze in the air. Her mirror, however, was dangling above a lit bunsen burner, and the string was getting weaker and weaker.

"Angel, now! Over here!" she ran to them, and snatched the mirror just as the string snapped. One of the last cool moments of her young life. "Thank you, Angel."

"What is this? Who did all this?" Angel demanded, seemingly unconcerned about her best friend, trapped in a mirror with slimy snakes slithering around. Sibilance aside, there were far creepier things happening.

"Angel, it's the Sixth Formers. They've gone mad with power. Mrs Liz told them to do whatever they want today for their muck-up day, and so they placed all the mirrors in school in here! It-" Maddy's image disappeared, leaving Angel alone in the dark laboratory. Then, there was an unearthly scream.

The End

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