There Might Be Escape

Angel gasped, ducking behind the rock and gripping on with her sharp nails.

“I…eee…umm…” she stammered, “There might have been some page-turning involved.”

“How could you, Angel?”

“Evil or not, it’s still a book. How could I not?” Angel yelled, over the noise that portal was making. The artificial wind was picking up and hurtling random objects that lay in the sacrificial room. Maddy clung to the door, which was swinging rapidly back and forth, and making the girl very dizzy.

Felicity stood regally, between a plain plaster wall (covered with small smudges of her own blood from when she had been killed) and a large cardboard box which she was clasping so tightly that her knuckles were turning white. At least it matched her face.

Angel poked her head up above the rock, frightened, and watched as an atlas soared from above Felicity’s head (the lady herself ducked) and into the smaller book, which seemed to glow as it engulfed it.

The three stared, wondering what would happen if a person fell victim to ‘the book’.

Maddy shook as the door once again banged open. A figurine of Lady Mary sped through and it too was devoured by the book. Angel gasped, watching with pain. She wouldn’t let anymore religious paraphernalia fall prey to such evil.

“Christopher’s lab!” She yelled, jumping up and running dramatically towards the door with her right hand stretched out in front of her.

“No, Angel,” Felicity jumped over the box that lay in front of her, and ran towards the girl. Already both women were being slowly dragged to the rock and the open book. Maddy watched the under-water-style scene with terror.

“But…” Angel’s eyes grew wide as she heard a beaker smash in the laboratory. She tried to run towards the door but felt her knees buckle and fall to the floor.

Felicity received the full force of Angel. With a scream, the former lost her grip on the floor and was carried, flailing, into the deadly book.

With a bang, and a stereotypical puff of smoke, ‘the book’ snapped shut, and Miss Gunn was gone.

“Well…what a sacrifice!” Angel said, getting up and brushing herself off.

Maddy stepped down from the thin doorframe.

“Let’s get out of here…” She suggested.

Angel, springing up, raced out of the room after her friend. She gazed, for a second, longingly around the laboratory, slamming the door on the torture room. Quickly, she grabbed a pocket watch with a shining gold ring enclosed and shoved it into the pocket of her duffel coat (how she got hold of the coat, Maddy did not know).

“What that?” Maddy asked.

“Nothing, but it’s important,” Angel said, blushing, “We can’t have it getting broken. Come on!”

Then the girls sprinted out the building.

The End

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