There Might Be References

Behind the heroic, high-budget duo, and the boulder, was a black book, on a bone pedestal.

"I don't know what that book is..." said Maddy, "but I don't think you should open it."

Angel flipped it over, and read the blurb. "Apparently it needs a sacrifice..." They glanced in unison at Miss Gunn, before turning back, and throwing the book back down on the pedestal.

"Let's... not... carry on that line of conversation any more, if you will girls." The recently dead teacher instructed.

"Yes, Miss." Maddy bowed, and was thrown flat by a gust of unearthly wind as it rushed past her, and darted towards the pedestal. Angel ran to the other side of the boulder miliseconds before she would have been sucked into the void now being created. Maddy crawled to her ambivalent friend.

"Don't tell me, you opened the book!" Maddy glared at her in a less than friendly way.

The End

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