There Might Be Felicity

Angel frowned at the boulder.

“It’s nice…” She muttered, elongating the ‘I’ and ‘S’ sounds, sounding awfully like an evil, slivering snake, “But something’s not right. No, that boulder is a lie.”

“A lie? It is ‘a false statement made with the deliberate intent to deceive’?”

“Hmm,” Angel said, as she stood standing stock still and staring at the stone (minus all the sibilance, of course). She stared and stared, but all for a very little time in the world’s norm, though it was all precious seconds to Angel.

She ignored Maddy momentarily, but then sprung into sudden action.

“Yes!” Angel sprang across to the boulder, pulling a face at the gory sacrifice.

She jumped around the back of the rock, which was dripping congealed blood, and managed to wedge open a panel in the rock with her mega-sized, pointed nails. They were Angel’s perfect tool-slash-accessory!

“This isn’t a piece of natural stone formation…” She fiddled with a few wires, and the boulder started to hum, shake and light up like a disco ball, all at the same time!

“It’s really a time-machine,” She paused, “Which really makes a lot of sense…”

After frowning once more, Angel decided that her statement was, in fact, a perfectly reasonable thing to say at this moment. Plus, it probably was an invention of the Sixth Formers…

“What on Earth?” Said Miss Felicity Gunn, suddenly juddering upwards. From a few hours of being dead, Miss Gunn’s limbs were stiff with rigor mortis.

“Don’t you mean, ‘where on Earth?’, Miss Gunn?” Said Maddy wisely.

“Of course, of course. But I’m still in the school, aren’t I? What happened to those lovely Sixth Form girls?”

As her name suggested, Miss Gunn was docile and kind, if a little strange in the head. That’s what made her and Angel such good companions; they could talk about everything and nothing and the little bits in between, without even batting an eyelid at the possible strangeness of their sentences.

“Oh, they kind of unleashed a dreadful power into this Earth, that managed to kidnap our crazy mad scientist, Christopher, and so, Maddy and I are on a mission to retrieve him, and the information that he bears. Da da da da daa, do do do doo, la la laa!”

Miss Gunn nodded, undeterred.

“May I supervise those strange adventures that you wish to go on? After all, I am the Head of the Sixth Form. Therefore, they are my responsibility.”

“It’s…gonna be dangerous, Felicity…” Angel patted her shoulder sympathetically, “You probably won’t survive.”

Little Miss Mad Gunn gulped and nodded, ready to assist all the way…

The End

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