There Might Be Theories

"Now, I think its important that before we get ahead of ourselves, we must... theorize!" said Maddy, jumping into the air as she punched it.

Angel slowly nodded, still lost in her wonderful imaginary world of nod.

"... Right. I think that this whole shenannigan was caused because the mirrors in Mr. S' room upset the feng shui and allowed flying demon elbow leeches to come through the void and into this dimension. So blame the upper sixes, as they planted the offending mirrors in Mr. S' room, sacrificed Miss Gunn to Offler the Crocodile God, and brought forth the umpteenth coming of the apocalypse, for superheroines you and me to stop it in a spectacular, high budget finale."

Angel blinked twice, trying to process it all. A certain phrase stuck out in her mind "Wait, Miss Gunn was sacrificed?" Maddy simply pointed into the nearest doorway, which lead to the aforementioned teacher's classroom, where a giant boulder had been brought in, and the teacher had been strapped to it and ritually slain.

"I like that boulder, that is a nice boulder." said Maddy...

The End

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