There Might Be Investigations

“Okay, well, first…” Angel paused, “What is first?” She queried.

"We shall stay away from suspicious-looking, random and floating pie and pastrami," Maddy said confidently, although she wasn't sure herself.

"Right, let's do that! And then, next... Maddy?"

"Um...? We do something about the Sixth Form."

Angel was still shaken from the disappearance of cocky Christopher and the reappearance of marvellous Maddy, but, by now, she had recovered enough to think straight (or as straight as the strange person who was Angel could).

"We need to investigate!" She announced boldly, "We need to find out who stole Christopher and put the school into madness, and then we save the world!"

"It was the Sixth Formers," muttered Maddy bluntly.

Angel chose to pretend not to hear.

"Up, up, and away!" She yelled, before punching the air above her, jumping ten centimetres off the floor, and running out the door. Maddy rolled her eyes.

"Kids," she said, and slowly walked out the room, carefully stepping around the tonnes of scientific equipment lying everywhere.

She never thought that she was stepping over vital clues.

The End

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