There Might Be Murder

Another adventure story starring the amiable Angel and Maddy against more evil foes and the like. Also accompanied by the sometimes annoying, but always lovable, mad scientist, Christopher.

Angel wandered her usual route into Christopher’s laboratory. Today it was dotted with mirrors among the various usual religious paraphernalia, and the light was half-blinding to her. She stopped by the biggest golden-framed mirror, and peered into its reflective surface. Was it just her imagination, or did that mirror seem to contain images beyond its first layer? Angel could identify a couple of golden apples shimmering in the hazy distance…but those apples seemed also to have silver serpents slithering around, and in and out of the apples.

Puzzled, Angel tried to draw away from the images that, in truth, frightened her very soul, but found that her feet would not obey the instructions she tried to relay to them; it was as though they were stuck to the ground. The snakes slithered in and out and in and out again, casting a mesmerizing pattern into the essence of Angel’s mind. She may not have escaped if it were not for the voice that split through the laboratory that second.

It was not the voice of the owner, as one would suspect, but it was a much lighter and jollier (but less spontaneous and silly) voice.

“Angel,” called Maddy,

“Angel, what on Earth are you doing here?”

The End

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