There is Still Hope


He thinks I'm lovely all the time. He knows behind my anger is a desire to love. He loves me when I believe no one can. He saves me everytime I think I've fallen out of reach. He reassures me that with every bad day comes a good day... One that's worth the bad day.

He wonders why I can't stop contemplating what He's given me... How can she dislike something I've created? Sure, I mess up. Everyone messes up. We were made perfectly... But we were not made to be perfect.

That's why I sacrificed the Son I loved more than anything that exists for you.

Because you can't be perfect.

And than I breathe a sigh of relief. He doesn't expect me to be perfect. I should try my best to avoid slip ups, but they're going to happen.

And that's when He reveals Himself even more to me, and I remember that I am made with a purpose.

And I'll look forward to the day I can rest by His side.



The End

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