The Cradle of Humanity

Two species are locked in a universe-wide struggle for supremacy while the rest of the universe cowers in fear.

It was always inevitable that we would see an inter-species war on a massive scale. The Universe itself is virtually a custom-built battlefield, designed for the war to end all wars. From an early age, each species is taught that co-existence between species is impossible. Mammals had been at odds with Reptiles for millenia, Amphibians had been fending off plagues of insects since time immemorial. Reptiles and Amphibians both had their time, that much is certain. Across the centuries, only the mammals and the insects have thrived. From these two groups, two species emerged - to battle it out across the stars in the Universe's final war. From the mammals, rose the Humans from Planet Earth. They swept across the planets with little warning, swarming over civilisations like a plague and destroying all in their path. They would strip a planet of its resources and burn whatever fuel they could find before moving on to the next planet, the next "colony". And from the furthest reaches of the Universe, where the Starless Planets roam - came the 'Bugs'. Blacker than night, these creatures were disturbed from sleep by the careless human - and unleashed upon the universe. Breeding, devouring, destroying - all for their hive and their Queen.

And so the two species found themselves plunged into great conflict. Leaders write off millions of soldiers as disposable. Each side is determined to destroy the other whatever the cost. The flora of planets grows rich, fertilised by the blood and ash of a millenia of war. It has been said that Earth is the cradle of humanity, but man cannot live in the cradle forever. This is true enough, save for the fact that Earth was never meant to be a cradle. It was meant to be a prison.

The two most violent species in the history of the Universe have been unleashed upon each other. Whoever wins, we lose.

The End

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