chapter#6 wrong way

I snarled deep in my chest and dug my nails into his skin. "Who are you?"

The Black looked somewhat regretful. "I'm sorry, how rude of me. My name's Ben." I just growled louder. Up close I could see his eyes were a strange dark hazel. Totally hot.

"That's nice," I whispered and slammed Ben into the ground, causing him to cough and clear his throat.

"Look," he said regarding me carefully. "If you give me a chance to speak I can save your Band." My eyes widened as he said that and I only slammed him again into the ground harder.

"Save them from what?" I hissed. Ben didn't answer at first; I slammed his head back against the rock. "You really do not want to try my patience."

Ben took a deep breath and spoke. I was kind of surprised, usually vamps don't have the self control to not try to feed by now. 

"Save them from the camp." When I looked frustrated he nodded. "There's a camp of vampires directly in your path of you going north. If you continue any further they will most likely either pick up your scent and follow you or you will go too far and be destroyed." He was looking at me gravely, like he'd known me for a while. I smirked.

"What in the hell makes you think that I'm going to believe any of that? For all I know you could just be saying that to get us to fall into a trap south. And why am I even considering this?! This is all just a freaking dream!" 

Suddenly Ben was up and literally threw me across the canyon to the other side. I landed hard, but jumped up quickly despite the pain. I turned to face Ben, but he had stayed put.

"Look, there!" He pointed to behind me where it dropped off again. I snarled, but hestitantly looked anyway.

In front of me appeared to be a large bowl type structure far below where I stood. But it wasn't because of the land that I gasped.

In the middle of the crater was a large military looking facility. It was so out of place with its surroundings that I almost laughed, but there it was; what I called, a Vamp Camp. 

"I wouldn't lie to you," Ben whispered beside me.

I woke up before I could turn around to face him again. The image of the camp was still in front of my eyes, though they were seeing something quite different. And his words though faint, were the loudest ringing in my ears.

What was happening to me?

The End

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