chapter#5 day in night

I floated, unmoving in darkness for a while. It was peaceful, desired. Then I saw something strange from behind my eyelids.

A light, the brightest beam of sunlight startled me into a sitting position. This was proposterous! I sat squinting and blinking for a few seconds only to realize that I wasn't actually awake. I folded my hands in my lap and studied my surroundings closer.

To my great surprise, I was on a very familiar plain. It wasn't nighttime like in the real world, but blatantly noon. I sighed, such behavior like repeating dreams was quite unusual for me. 

Well, I thought standing, this might be the same place, but it does not have to play out the same. I started running along the edge of the forest, going north.

I thought, why not? It seemed reasonable after all; my Band was constantly heading north on our neverending journey.

It became evident in my time, that I wasn't getting tired. The landscape changed beside me. The forest at one point ended and became a steep drop off into a huge canyon, so beautiful; I kept running.

Being alone was comforting. I had always wondered how I would fair if I ever did choose to break away from my Band; I guess I knew.

The sun in my dream moved at what seemed like regular time. When it was sinking below my sight, I was running in the middle of the canyon, the plain also falling away. The path was not perfect, sometimes large gaps loomed in front of me. I would just back up, sprint, and jump to the next safe rock, north.

Why was my Band going north anyway? I thought. Was there something special we were seeking there?  I debated for a while and then gave up on the matter. I would trust my Band to lead well.

Finally, when darkness was barely upon me, I stopped. Looking around to all the beautiful land, I wondered what the point of all this was. 

What's the point of beauty, if no one is alive to appreciate it?

Hesitantly I sank down to the edge of the canyon. If only my Band could see this. A flicker in my vision made me turn my head right. Probably nothing, I amended, and turned to gaze foward again. "Beautiful, isn't it?"

I whipped my head to the side to see the red haired vamp from my other dream sitting calmly beside me. Bloodlust flashed in my mind and I once again pinned him down, clutching his throat.

He smiled faintly with dark amusement in his eyes. "Deja vu, huh?"

The End

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