chapter#4 slow motion

The next few days seemed to almost blend together. Nobody hardly spoke, no one smiled. It was almost unsettling, but expected.

Traveling was long and tedious. It was the kind of activity that unfortunately only kept the body busy while the mind was free to roam. My dream of the unknown Seeker crossed my mind every now and then, but I soon forgot it altogether after several days passed. And everywhere I looked on every face I only saw more pain and suffering. It was almost like being in a room of mirrors; the same reflection in every corner.

This was another reason why I hated vampires. Even if they weren't harming you, they were harming someone else. Their mere presence had seemed to suck the life out of my band. Made them older, more weary. Mature.

Not that that was technically a bad thing. My band had been naive enough to hope long before the attack, something you should never do. Hope, though can keep you encouraged, is vulnerable. It can be crushed, killed if not protected. 

So I consent to living without hope; it's what keeps me alive these long days.

As the sun finally sank below the trees, we continued to walk the night away. No one was really tired enough to sleep, and no one really wanted to anyway. Dreams can easily turn into nightmares.

As if a decision was made, we all simultaneously continued north. 

I usually lead the rear of our group. It somewhat surprised me when I heard the faint brush of footsteps drifting back to my place.

I looked up to see Shana, shy, sheltered Shana, walk beside me. She did this every once in a while, since the day I killed my first vamp.  The second night she had delivered me a meal when I was reserved and without want of food. No one but her had bothered to even make contact with me. When I became distant and sat away from everyone around the fire, she would sit in the back; far enough away from the group to be noticed and close enough for me to feel wanted. Somewhat.

I had tried to tell her countless times that she owed me nothing, but the special, careful attention she gave me every so often was always there, never ending. I wasn't so sure of what she wanted from this behavior; I had only saved her life. A couple times I had made conversation with her and she gladly took into it. It wasn't uncomfortable, but it also wasn't needed. It was these rare occasions that kept my mind away from the Grey. 

Shana was younger than me by three years give or take. She was about five two with short, chocolate hair and the lightest blue eyes. She passed a shy glance my way. I looked straight ahead seeing nothing. It would be better if we weren't tied together like this. Not that in any circumstance would I not save her life.

Eventually morning came and my Band reluctantly set up a camp. Rest was gratefully taken. Shana slept closer to me than usual, I didn't mind.

Shana was, what you would call, the closest thing I had to a friend. Thoughts of friendship and the attack spun around in my head as I fell slowly asleep. 


The End

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