chapter#3 how

"Relax," said the voice; I could tell it was male, but not if it was human.

I spun around and around, but couldn't identify the source. It was as if the breeze was the speaker. "I'm not here to hurt you..." It said. I'll be the judge of that, I thought.

Finally my darting eyes identified the source of the unknown voice.

Like a ghost, a vampire practically materialized out of the edge of the trees and walked onto the opening moorland toward me. He walked casually, like we had nothing against eachother. I examined him.

He was of medium build, like most vamps, but had red hair, which was very uncommon anywhere in the world now. His eyes were too dark to see from here, even with my unnaturally acute sight, which was also odd. The Seeker was a couple inches taller than I and gave off an air of mystic wonder. It was almost unsettling.

I barred my teeth and snarled, getting ready to defend myself. He stopped a few yards away. I stood my ground, fleeing on this open plain would be next to impossible, I wasn't stupid. Most vamps know of my talents in fighting, but this one didn't look the least bit phased at whom I was. In fact, he smirked at my reaction. Surely he knew of the danger he was facing.

 "A hot head eh? Let's calm down shall we...?" He murmured persuasively, never taking his eyes from mine. 

A tiny part of my consciousness recognized that the sound of his voice was quite pleasing, seductive to me almost. He took a step closer to me, staring, holding my gaze. What can I say, he got too close; I lost it.

I had him on the ground in seconds, at my mercy. I was about to pound him when I woke up to the real world.

My eyes flew open and I sat up gasping in the black night, I was still tensed and ready to fight. My imaginary tussle had put a slight sheen of damp sweat of my face.

I spit, pulling my hair behind my ears and put my face in my hands. "Damn....what a weird dream...." I whispered, shaking my head. The images of the Seeker, that I'd never seen before, kept flashing in my eyes.

I was surprised; I didn't have a very good imagination and in no way would I have thought I'd conjure up such a character or scene.

I laid back down and I rolled over. Half of hoped I wouldn't dream again.

The other half longed to go back. Perhaps to beat the vamp to a pulp, but maybe to find out what it wanted. To learn.

After a few silent minutes of hearing nothing but crickets, I closed my eyes and didn't dream again that night. So much for getting to rip a Black apart.

The End

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