chapter#2 a dream of another

Eventually I was joined and after everything was packed we gathered the bodies and piled them all on top of eachother.

The one place where humans and vampires were the same....dead.

I didn't join the Band as the payed their respects and lit the pile of bodies to burn. No one spoke to me, but of course no spoke at all. They were used to my supposedly strange behavoir and didn't disturb me as I instead moved on to another task.

My hands though bloody worked tirelessly to break down camp. There could be absolutely no trace of our existance here. I breathed through my mouth so not to smell the acrid stench of burning blood. I knew it well enough, and could almost taste the rustic salt it gave on my tongue. Flames licked at the sky and scorched the faces of many. I looked away, though couldn't stop the pictures from entering my mind.

The others were mourning. Every once and awhile I'd look up to see white lines on their ash smothered faces, tears no doubt. Silence smothered our ears the only sound was the crackling of the fire. I worked.

Night had finally encased the sky and stars twinkled in their endless heavens. I envied them, they were safe.

Finally the flames died down and we left for the north star shining bright in the black. It was summer and the nights were long and hot. Misquitos flocked to the sweat on brows. I walked untouched though. For some reason, misquitos always avoided me.

A small clearing in the woods was where we rested. It relieved me to finally shut my eyes, drift away.....

After what seemed like forever I opened my lids and sat up. I was sitting on a grassy hill looking out on to soft plains to my right. To my left was the start of a great forest....where was I?

Silence hung over the land like a choking smoke. I was alone. Strange, usually my dreams were inhabited by death, faces, screams all around. This peaceful setting confused me. My eyebrows rose.

I got up and looked around, then looked down. I was wearing a half-shirt that tied up around my ribs and around my neck leaving my back nearly uncovered. I was barefoot and had pants on that only reached below my knee, ripped.

I sighed and sank down to the lotus position, Sara had once taught me how to escape a dream, for they could cause unrest.

"Hey!" An unfamiliar voice called breezily. 

I jumped up into a fighting position, locked on target.


The End

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