chapter#1 who knows

I didn't know who screamed, I didn't need to know, but the sound of it chilled me to the bone. It was obvious what it meant; they were here. My eyes flew open, instantly scanning everywhere. 

I felt them, every fiber of my being knew that they had finally come again and that the others weren't just playing around. That was an impossibility.

Even without a warning, I always knew when they were around, or close. I'm not sure how I know, but this weird sense comes in handy, alot unfortunately.

I let go of the chains on the swing and, using my momentum, flipped foward and backwards to land on my feet, in battle stance, ten feet in front of the swing.

They were everywhere in an instant; dark shadows swirling to surround us. I had been right, can't think of a time that I'd been wrong, in fact. 

Some of them laughed, others snarled at their new ‘prey’; I growled back, these were my people. The Seekers split up and attacked with their strength partners. A wind and bloodlust couple spotted me in clear view. 

That’s another thing that’s lost in history, how the Seekers get their ‘magic'. No one knows how, or what happens, we just know it’s an advantage to them. Grrr.

Seekers tend to mate with another vampire that counteracts there own supernatural power. It makes them all the more deadly and two is better than one.

The girl was brunette and giggled when she conjured up a couple of blood bats. As always they were alot bigger than most normal bats, and barred their fangs at me. Her wind mate sent them on a gust of air straight toward my face, I hate wind users.

But then again, I hate them all.

They laughed gleefully as I tried to dodge and flee. Neither worked, bloodbats were freakishly fast. I grimaced as one of them bit into my shoulder and I had to stopped running. I was used to pain; if you don’t expect it, you’ve already lost your life. That’s the way it was, you had to deal with it.

One good punch for them all and the bats dissolved into dust, hey what do you know, a newly turned. New vampires don't often have much of a grip on their powers yet, that comes with experience. 

I dared not turn to identify the immortal face, afraid of whom I might find there, afraid of familiarity.

Seeing her pets lost, the Newblood yowled and ran to attack me herself; fear crossed over the wind user’s face for her. I smirked, he was right. Just because you have superpowers, doesn’t mean you know how to wield them.

Seekers have the advantages of superhuman strength and usually speed along with affinities, which is the 'magic powers'. This Newblood launched herself at me from twenty feet away, her claws outstretched for my throat.

My ADHD or whatever they say it is, was working; everything seemed to happen slowly.

When she was about three feet away and still coming fast, I gave her a roundhouse kick aimed sideways. It connected perfectly with the side of her head, busting the eardrum and rewarding me with a sickening crack, letting me know I had fractured her skull. The Newblood shrieked and slammed hard into the stone walk on the ground.

I smiled as she jack knifed to her feet panting, squinting and clutching her head. What can I say, I like killing my enemies.

“My turn,” I whispered. Almost as quickly as she’d been, I jumped in the air and kicked out, burying my heel into the diaphragm, while flipping backwards to kick her chin straight up. The blow flipped her head back so fast, it broke her neck; she crumpled to the ground, finished.

Seekers are super human, but that doesn't mean they can't be killed. Three ways to kill a vampire are to stop their heart, break the spine, or behead them. 

The wind user until now had stood frozen in fear, but now he charged me, bloodlust plain in his eyes. Sigh, crap.

I looked down to see find that my shoulder was bleeding profusely. I looked up just in time to dodge the Seeker’s lefty.

Before he could stop his momentum to keep going left, I shoved my left knee into his gut, and then smash kicked his left kidney with my right leg before he could recover. He crumpled in a heap at my feet. I just about to place another kick to his pretty face, when I was literally blown away.

That's another thing, almost all vamps are pretty. And I mean, pretty, as in, perfect, attractive, beautiful. It's another one of those healing, super human stuff. Which means being muscular, thin, no acne, perfect skin, enhanced bone structure....let me tell you, it makes you pretty. Not that I cared personally; technically, I've always been that way. Sorry, don't mean to brag.

Did I mention how much I hate wind users? Even in his state, he blasted me about  fifty yards across the park, running me into a pole connected to the swing set.

My head was thrown back hard into the metal and I saw stars. I dropped to the ground landing on my feet. A ways away, I saw the guy slowly getting up.

I swayed, gasping for air and trying not to puke. I felt like hell; anger swelled up inside me. And you do not want to make me angry.

I snarled and charged him, this time taking the offense. He saw me from his crouching position though, and sent another gust of wind my way.

This time I was semi ready though. I jumped up just before the air could grab me again. I smirked seeing his awe as he looked at me; I came crashing down on his skull.

I jumped back and he didn’t get up again.

Swinging my head back and forth, I found another source of excitement, a.k.a. fighting, and I rushed to help.

Running into the center of one on one battles, a Seeker started to chase me. I glanced behind me, just in time to see and dodge the fire sphere he flung at me. I swore.

My vision was getting black around the edges and my breath was labored. Smoke filled my senses, choked my lunges; something was burning.

Jumping up, I caught a tree branch and planned to pull myself up, but then the Seeker was pulling me back down. I started to swing my legs back and forth, but he hung on. So I swung harder, and turned us vertical.

There was a loud thud, the vamp had connected with a thick branch above. But he still wouldn't let go damn it! I finally just kicked him in the face. It seemed to work too, he immediately crashed back down to the ground.

I let go of the branch, landing lightly back on the earth.

Blood seemed to be everywhere, on me, on the ground, on my family...I shook my head, couldn't think like that. I touched my forehead, it was hot and sticky. My hand came down red, more blood. I probably had a concussion. Once again, crap.

I swayed slightly, vision still a little dark. I was beginning to see the stars high above in the sky.

Looking down from the sky, I sighed; vamp beside me was dead. And there were many others down too. Most of these Seekers were either newborn, weak, or both. Plus vampires didn't do well within the barriers set up around camp. We were winning.

I took down three more Seekers mechanically and finally came the cheer. I looked around, any vampires remaining were retreating. I finished off another Black and started to run around finding everyone. Some were hurt, a couple dead.

My heart gave an uneasy squease, Sara and Dezna, gone. Both mothers. Their children, Marzke and Seki, Shrena and Safire were mourning with them. At least they had time to. Resigned, I left them all to collect my thoughts. 

We had had to retreat when my parents were taken, I remembered, everything.

That was the day that I killed my first Seeker. I sat in the forest, turned away from the bonfire behind me, the smoke reaching to great heights. And suddenly, I wasn't there, but in a memory.

There was screaming everywhere. People runing, fleeing in all directions. I was coughing terribly, lunges burning, alot like tonight.

I called out weakly, again and again. "Mother! Father!" I got no answer though; nothing was understandable in the midst of this chaos.

My eyes searched desparately everywhere. I recognized many faces barely, but they were all morphed by fear and pain. Still, I called, still, no answer.

I spotted a group of children that I knew, who had often followed me around. They were struck with paralizing shock, screaming for help.

Then I saw.

It was a terrible thing, I knew. A vampire. It was laughing and running around in the burning area, but saw the children as well. Its eyes were hungry and black. It suddenly appeared in front of the group, I was hid behind a tree watching, frozen.

They were silent, almost awed by it. The Black smiled and reached for a youngling closest to it. My eyes widened.

Before I knew just what I was doing, I was sprinting towards the group, a dagger in my hand. The Seeker had picked up the now screaming and struggling child and was about to sink his teeth into her neck. I'll never forget the look of complete fright on the child's face.

Just then I leaped, dagger above my head and, with a furious roar, embedded the dagger straight through the Seekers back, through the heart. 

At first there was total silence, then the Seeker's hand became limp and the child, Shana, slipped to the ground. Her big brother, Ahan, scooped her up with a yell and held her.

The vampire looked from his hand, to Shana, shivering and shaking and staring at me, to the dagger, and finally to my murderous face.

I bared my teeth and snarled. The vampire just kept staring at me, appalled, sinking slowly to the ground and started to twitch. Then he said the most peculiar words. I shivered to remember them; that raspy voice, distinct among the hiss of the fires around.

"The child of the wolf is here at last. Let me tell you a secret...." He took a shuddering breath and smiled. Blood bubbled between his lips as he said these last words. "You will love us, and die, out of pure madness. Farewell damned...." And with this his eyes took a glassy look, and it almost sighed. He was dead.

I stared cold at his peculiar dead, shockingly blue eyes. Shana was staring at it too, crying now. I suddenly became aware of the outside world again and looked at the group of children.

They were all silent, now staring at me in awe, and in some cases, also fear. I looked around at the way most were running and picked up the smallest child, putting him on my back.

"Hurry," I whispered, but they all heard me. "we must follow the others." And I took off running through the woods with our Band. They all followed.

Breath came harshly in and out of my throat, burning. Running, always running. I opened my tired eyes, still seeing the scene in front of me.

I had taken care of the children for several hours and found our Band broken and half dead under a waterfall. They all rejoiced and tended to our wounds. After several hours it was Shana whom shakily recalled the story of my kill. The whole Band had looked incredously at me.

I only stared defiantly back and asked about my parents. Only then did most look away.

I knew then. I was alone, an orphan and sat aside from the Band. That's when the fear started. The elders watched me carefully, scared now, of me. Of what I could become. We left the next day, but did nothing to the bodies. I didn't bother to search for my parents in the mayhem. For fear.

Fear that they might not be there. And if that was so, there was only one thing that could've happened....

I halted my thought process and stood up. I would not think about that, I thought. I wandered away from my place in the trees. I needed something to distract my too painful thoughts. 

But I didn't mourn.

Methodiclly, I gathered up the tents and supplies; we had to move, soon.

My hands were bleeding, but worked tirelessly. Block it out, block everything out, you're emotionless, a soldier....

I retreated into my mind as I often did, resigned. Pain did not exist, only strength. I had to be strong. I was strong. And that's all I want to be.

The Angel of Death; that's what the others call me, when my back is turned.

But I can still hear them.

The End

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