There Is No Me Without You Olivia *Fringe fanfic*Mature

"There is no me without you Olivia." Peter's words to Olivia as he kneels down on one knee and asks her to marry him. Every P/O lover's dream! First in the "Reality" series.

There Is No Me Without You Olivia

Author: Mancha.

Rated: T.

Disclaimer: I do not own any of the Fringe characters. I don't own anyone or anything as of this moment. I also don't own the lyrics to the song: Meet Me Half Way. By Kenny Loggins. That belongs to him. Summary: "There is no me without you Olivia." Peter's words to Olivia as he kneels down on one knee and asks her to marry him. Every P/O lover's dream! Date Started: 12/30/09. Date Finished: 1/1/10. Hope you will enjoy the first chapter of this story. First in the "Reality" series. Thanks!


June 12th, 2010 8:35 a.m.

My phone rang off to the side of my bed somewhere. I had been having the most wonderful dream. Peter being the center of it. For five months Peter and I have been testing the boundaries of our relationship.

We spent too many candle-lit dinners to count on one hand, and it wasn't a bad thing either. I smiled at the caller id on my phone.Peter.I cleared my throat and answered it.

"Morning Peter. You know I was just having a dream about you..."

I heard a slight chuckle from the other end of the line. Peter seemed to be in a very good mood, more so than usual. His voice on the other end was soothing to my soul, and I welcomed it with every ounce in my body.

"Would you like to have breakfast with me Liv? We can talk over a breakfast of omelets with green onions and diced peppers in them, strong coffee and some strawberries and whipped cream. After breakfast, I have a surprise for you..."

A surprise? For me?A smile spread across my face and never left it as I hung up the phone with Peter. I'd be to his house in less than twenty-five minutes. I could practically smell those omelets now. Mmm. Maybe some sausage and eggs and bacon to go on the side?

Good heavens I was hungry! I quickly set my phone down on the bed and went over to the closet to find just what I wanted to wear this morning. Opening it, the fumbled through the contents, letting my mood decide what best to wear. I decided on a simple pair of gray slacks that I normally wore for work, and a white blouse.

Though these were my work clothes and it was Saturday, I wanted to look nice for the occasion knowing full well that Peter would have candles lit no matter what kind of meal it was. Just to make it a little more romantic. I laughed at the thought and got dressed as quickly as I could.

I ran a brush through my hair and gathered my keys from the table by the front door. Once I was in the car, I turned the radio on, trying to find somethingwonderfulto listen to. A song came on that I hadn't heard in ages suddenly, and all it reminded me of, was Peter and I. Which fit perfectly.

'In a lifetime made of memories, I believe in destiny. Every moment returns again in time, when I've got the future on my mind know that you'll be the only one, meet me half way, across the sky. I'm where the world belongs to only you and I. Meet me half way, across the sky. Make this a new beginning of another life. In a lifetime, there is only love, reaching for the lonely one. We are stronger when we are given love, when we put emotions on the line; know that we are the timeless ones. Meet me half way across the sky. I'm where the world belongs to only you and I, meet me half way across the sky...'

I smiled as the song reached the end just as I reached Peter's house. I had a good feeling about today that something good was going to happen amidst all that's gone on in the past five months. I shut the car off and exited the car, making my way towards the house.

Before I could even knock on the front door, it opened to reveal Peter who was dressed in a white polo with a green vest over the top and dark pants with a belt.Well, someone dressed for the occasion.I felt very generous this morning, so I leaned in and pulled Peter in for a kiss. When we pulled away and went inside, Peter's eyes seemed to be dancing with excitement.

"Well good morning to you too beautiful. Mmm... Did you use that strawberry mouthwash again? Cause you taste good..."

I playfully gave Peter's arm a good smacking just for good measure. I looked around for Walter wondering where he might be, but maybe that was best to be left alone for now. As we entered the kitchen, my nostrils were hit with an aroma of so many good things to eat.

My eyes widened as I saw a big stack of pancakes, plate of bacon, a few omelets, sausage and various other assortments of breakfast foods including some fresh fruit. I took a seat at the kitchen table and waited as Peter served me my breakfast. I began to protest.

"You know Peter; I could've gotten my own breakfast. You didn't have to do this for me..."

Peter's smile only grew more as he finished placing my plate in front of me with an omelet, three sausage links, two pieces of bacon, and a handful of strawberries my favorites kind of fruit. We ate in silence, giving each other playful glances back and forth before we were finished. Peter, being a good host, asked if I wanted more.

"Would you like some more Liv? Because if you do, there is still plenty..."

I shook my head no and waited for a moment to see who would make the next move. I looked at Peter semi-confused as he came over to my side of the table suddenly. Curious, I asked what he was doing.

"Peter, what are you doing?"

He only smiled more at me, and getting down on one knee he pulled a ring box from his pants pocket. Opening it, he gave me his answer.

"Olivia Dunham, would you do the honor of becoming my wife? Because honestly, there is no me without you Olivia. I would rather spend my life with you than any other woman on this planet. So, will you marry me?"

I was speechless.He'd actually asked me to marry him!I took a drink of water or two before answering him. I nodded my head slowly, tears ready to come down the floodgates.

"Yes... I will..."

With my answer, he quickly slipped the ring over my ring finger on my right hand.Wow, it was beautiful. He must have spent a fortune on this ring!For good measure, he kissed my hand. After he was done doing that, he pulled me up from the table and got behind me, wrapping his arms around my waist. I could feel his warm breath on my neck as he kissed it. I welcomed it with all my being.

To Be Continued...

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The End

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