The Hunt

The gang roamed the streets, on the hunt to find the juice. Their child-like faces showed a craving for this juice, to help relieve themselves from the stresses of everyday life. They looked focused, almost glued together like a pack of wolves out for taste of their first blood. They were all very different some tall, some short, some black, some white. They looked very peculiar being grouped together. They stopped outside the local corner shop. They all looked at each other and the eldest worked up the courage to go in.


"Hey bruv, ya got the money."



"What did I tell ya yesterday man, remember ya caused all that trouble."

"Christ, carl."

"Idiot." Another chimed in.

 They all chipped in what they could earn from their worthless lives, then sent him off to attempt to get some without any I.D. They all waited and waited.


"Yo bruv, what took you so long." 

"Ah, they didn't have any. The geezer was giving me dirty looks as well, some I told him where to go. Nah man I can't be bothered."

"What the hell!

"Aaaah, for god sake."

"You're the oldest one here, get something else. I want to get hammered tonight."

"Nah, I can't be bothered." some tugging and wrestling was going on before they all gave up with the poor boy, he didn't want to do it.

Then the second eldest eye's went astray, he had found his prey. The man had become distracted with the children's behaviour, he stood just outside the shop.


"What you looking at??" The boy exclaimed.

He chose to ignore this remark and carried on, but they jumped him like vulture's. 

"Give me ya money.

The man tried his very best to fight the two or three of them that joined in with this young lad, all of them kicking and shoving. The eldest one had retreated already. 

"Get off me, get the hell of me." The man yelled

Before he could cry out another word. The knife was plunged into him, straight in the heart. The all ran for it. The man's money, his pride and his life all taken from him. All in that split second.










The End

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