There Is No Juice Left

"It's been sucked dry."


"What's been sucked dry?" 


"Who has drunk it all." 

"Wasn't me." 

She closes the fridge. 

"You know Kelly got absolutely smashed last night."


"Guzzled the lot down. Left the carton beside the sofa."

"Aha, I think some-one knocked it over."

"That was probably Derren, he was wasted as well."

"Yer, I swear something was going on between them, seemed to be quite a lot of flirting going on between them two!" 

"That was some special juice, I have to tell ya."

"Yer, I know I would get a life long supply of that if I was you, that was some good juice!"

"We would be having parties around your house all of the time then."

"Yer, was a brilliant party Lisa. NIce juice!"


"Yer cheers, Lis."

"Thank you very much."

Lisa closes the front door.


"Yo bruv, where do ya reckon we could get more of that juice!"

"I don't know man, lets go man... let's look for some juice!"

"Yer, juice!!!"





The End

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