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Ice had been told of the tales when he was born, he listened to these mystical things with wonder if the time would come and if so could he help and be in the battle of the lunar. He wished so much to be a strong warrior, like his father, he would be so proud.

But before the time would ever come he was taken away from his parents by the death eater’s tribe.

It was all a blur that night, and he woke up to howls and cries, he ran to his father only to find he wasn’t going to get what he was looking for, instead his father was cornered by dark shadows, and evil red eyes; his father looked up at him with a look that pained ice, it was fear. The strong man he had once looked up to, and wished strongly to be as great, was never left cowering in the corner. For Ice there was now no hope for him, and as he stood there and cried he could only faintly make out figures plunging towards the space his father had been. As Ice stood there he felt a coldness rising up him, and then everything went dark. He woke only to find facing him a strange black figure with a scare across its face. As the strange wolf picked him up and stared to walk towards the rest of the mysterious pack, he could only watch in horror as his home was sent up in flames along with his parents and little brother “spider”.

   As the pack moved on the darken figure nodded to his pack member, Ice was thrown away like a piece of rubbish onto the borderline of Moon forest. He couldn’t understand why this had happened but at the same time was filled with too much sorrow to care. A few days passed and he was found half dead by an elder called Dragon; he was red like a dragon and was known to posses great powers.  Dragon took Ice into Moon forest so that he could.

The End

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