The Story

"I do," an even older man behind me spoke in a growly voice.

"Huh?" I turned around and got a little zap from my shackles because of the sudden movement.

"Back in 2039 - I was a teenager back then, around your age - the company Newcorps created this instead of jail. They said it would 'put the inmates to good use.' So day in and day out, they put inmates in feet shackles - not yet electric - and made them work in here. Sometimes they powered the generator, sometimes they built stuff. They never knew what it was for, though.

"Then, the inmates had enough. Some who had paid their debt to society and finished their time weren't allowed out. So they rebelled. They cut the shackles with their hammers and axes, then trashed the generator. They smashed through the gates of the Newcorps inmate service.

"When they all got out - sweet mercy, it was quite a sight back then - a robot emerged from that building, smashing the roof and walls. It was big, probably the size of a fifty story skyscraper. It captured everyone, even the non-inmates.

"And that's why we're here. Since everyone was captured, and I mean everyone on the planet, everyone was born here," he looked at me and spoke in a hushed tone. "You do know how they're made right?"

Wide-eyed, I nodded.

"Well, they make some people do it so they have more workers."

My eyes got even wider.

"Now, the people who lived in that day and saw what I seen, they all think Newcorps is run by robots. And I agree. But there ain't nothin' we can do now. We've already been here for fifty years."

The End

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